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Know when to order inventory and how much to order. Get regular alerts when stock levels are low. Leverage your data and get valuable reports in seconds. Implement a systematic approach to purchasing today!. is a purchasing tool that offers a systematic approach to forecasting inventory needs. Reorderpoint will:.

  • Analyze historical data
  • Forecast inventory needs and reorder points
  • Send alerts when inventory is low
  • Give you actionable purchasing information

How does it work is integrated with All Orders and QuickBooks.   We import up to 3 years of historical data from your All Orders/QuickBooks files including sales,  purchases and component usage.  We use statistical methods to determine lead times, trends, seasonality and special orders. Based on the type of trend we identify we apply a model, i.e. a mathematical equation, to calculate lead time demand.    We use the lead time demand to calculate the reorder point.   We also regularly import your current inventory status including on hand, on PO and back qrders quantties.   We compare the inventory status to the reorder point and send you alerts, when the status is below or nearing the reorder point. 

In addition to the email alerts, we also provide lists, reports and graphs that allows you to analyze your company's usage and make more informed purchasing decisions.


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