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January 15, 2016 at 8:06 AMThomas Riemann

Welcome back to the NumberCruncher Blog! Happy New year!! Ok, I am a bit late on wishing you guy's that but better late than never. I hope this year goes even better for your company then last year did, even if last year was a great year. Hopefully by now you have purchased the All Orders program and we are contributing to that success. If that's the case, please post a comment and tell us how the All Orders has helped your business advance!

Today I would like to focus on some of the key features used in the All Orders program. Most of you know about how easy it is to create a Sales Order and a Purchase Order in All Orders. Those 2 features are much easier to use in All Order then it is to use in Quickbooks. Let's talk about a key feature in All Orders that Quickbooks does not have, the Work Order. If there's a production aspect of your business, and you're creating new Items out of singular components, then you are likely to grow familiar with this feature. What that means is, the work order allows you to take your raw materials and create a finish product. How does that benefit your company? This will allow you to keep track of the raw material inventory levels. Quickbooks does not offer anything like that. Another cool feature that the work order will allow you to track of are the steps. You will be able to add steps to the work order allowing you to see exactly where the finished product is in the production. If you build a work order from a sales order, the steps will allow you to inform the customer exactly where the product is. If you are not familiar with the Work Order process, please head over to our support page where our video tutorials will give you the basic overview on how to use the Work Order.

If you would like a member of the NumberCruncher team to train you remotely on any of these features, Please let us know by calling (866) 278-6243. If you are still in the phase where you are not sure the All Order software is right for your company, you can always try the software out for 30 days completely free! Signup for your free trial TODAY!

Well, that's all for today. Everyone Enjoy your weekend! Always remember the NumberCruncher Support team is here for you when you need us!


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