file not found error 52 and RDS (Remote Data Services)


This error is caused by a Remote Data Server file path that  is  not being communicated correctly to the client application or i.e., to the   remote data services client. It can refer either to the Numbercruncher file or to the Quickbooks file

This incorrect file path easily be seen thru the  server's registry entry HKEY-CURRENT-USER -> software -> numbercruncher -> data which shows the file path to the QB file or any of the other NC file entry keys on the registry.

The nature of the incorrectness lies in the fact that for the server the QB file  may be on the C:\ drive but for the client, the server C:\ may be mapped to another network letter such as g:, h:, f: etc etc the RDS client gets the local definition from the RDS server instead of the  mapping information 

To correct the problem the best thing to do is to ensure that the last QB company file or NC file are opened using a common mapped drive that will be constant and not change from a disconnect to a reconnect. ACTUALLY THE SAFEST CORRECTION would be to open the QB or NC file in either QB or in NC by going thru the NETWORK NEIGHBORHOOD. This way, instead of having a drive tagged on to the file name which may be disconnected and reconnected with a different drive would have a SERVER NAME which would be of the form //SERVERNAME//subdirectory in server/filename.QBW or filename.NCB. This later approach would be more secure in assuring that the file is always found.


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