How do I use World Ship with NumberCruncher?

Using UPS World Ship and All Orders

All Orders 3.X

Interfacing NumberCruncher with UPS World Ship

NumberCruncher can export address information to UPS World Ship. After the shipments are processed,  the tracking #, cost, packages and weight can be imported into NumberCruncher.   Setting up NumberCruncher to work with World Ship is done through Edit - Preferences or can be set up manually.   UPS World Ship has certain advantage over UPS Internet Shipping, including batch end of day processing.   

On Shipping, Work Orders and Transfer,  address information is exported to UPS World Ship by dropping down the Print button and selecting Export to UPS.    Then you can immediately access any exported document without batch importing by using the Key Import functionality in World Ship.  In addition you can automatically export from World Ship after each shipment or end of day without batch exporting.   

Using Keyed Import

Before using the Key Import feature you will need to set up UPS to work with NumberCruncher as discussed above.    After set-up do the following:

TIP:  In version 3.1 you can add a bar code containing the UPS Ref to a packing slip then scan it into the Key Import box.

Automatic Exporting


Importing Information to NumberCruncher

As the final step to import all the tracking information into NumberCruncher do File --> Import --> UPS World Ship



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