How do you move a file to another server / computer

How do you move a file to another server / computer

All Orders 4.X

The All Orders NCD file is not actually the data file rather it contains information about the location of the actual data file (MDF) as well as information pertaining to the SQL Server it is attached to.  Therefore it is necessary to move the MDF file instead of the NCD file.   Before you move the MDF file,  you need to detach it from the server.   To detach the database from the server,   open All Orders as the admin user and ensure all other users are logged out of the program.    Select File -- Maintain, click the Advanced tab and select Detach.  Now that the MDF is detached from the server, you can copy and move the file as you would any other file.

If this is the first time you are moving the file complete the following steps:    

  1. Ensure the server software is installed on the new computer.  See Installation and Setup Guide.  

  2. Create a folder and move the MDF file that you previously detached into the new folder

  3. Open All Orders and select File -- Maintain and click the Advanced tab.

  4. Click Server Setting

  5. Click the first browse button and enter your company name for the ncd file.  Save this file in the same folder as the MDF file.  Confirm that you will be creating a new NCD file.

  6. Check 'Select Instance of SQL Server'

  7. Select the Server from the drop down list.

  8. Click the second browse button and select the mdf file

  9. Enter sa  for user name

  10. Enter sysadmin for password and confirm password.

  11. Click Save.




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