Error: - 2147217887 - Field 'ILNoComment' already

Error: - 2147217887 - Field 'ILNoComment' already ...

All Orders 2.X

Error Message

-2147217887 - Field 'ILNoComment' already exists in table 'tblItemLotNumbers' Microsoft JET database engine


A known issue.


Download patch:  After download follow these instructions:

1. Double click
2. Extract 'ResetVer2_04.exe' to your desktop
3. Extract 'Update.mdb' to your NumberCruncher Work Orders programs file. (e.g. C:\Program Files\NumberCruncher Work Orders). Answer 'Yes' to replace the old file.
4. Double click ResetVer2_04.exe that from your desktop and follow the instructions.

You only have to do this on once for your entire network.

This issue has been resolved in the latest service pak.



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