Difference between making a Location "INACTIVE" vs. "UNAVAILABLE"

Difference between making a Location "INACTIVE" vs. "UNAVAILABLE"

All Orders 3.X
All Orders 2.X

Unexpected error Description:

Location put in but not visible from reports....quantity or value of a location not being summed up as part of the total inventory value

Possible Cause:

Information to enter

What's its used for


A unique name or number that identifies the location in drop-down boxes and lists.

Is Active

Inactive locations will not show in drop down boxes.

Address (optional)

Pre-fills the location address on purchase orders and invoices.

Count Location as available

The "Available" column in the Inventory List adds all quantities in Locations that are check marked.   Uncheck to not have items counted in the "Available

Find this by going to Manage Locations and then click on location details by double clicking on a location..


Correct settings under the fields shown above.


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