Why NumberCruncher

Streamline sales from order entry to shipping

Why NumberCruncher
  • Advanced back-order tracking and reporting including multiple shipping dates and blanket orders.
  • Remote customer or sales rep order entry.
  • Import sales order from your web-site with our e-Commerce integration.
  • Enhanced and/or batch pick/pack functionality and integration with UPS, Fedex and USPS.
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Reduce inventory carrying costs with purchasing automation

Why NumberCruncher
  • The 'Reorder Analysis' (MRP) compares current inventory levels with your reorder point or required amount and then creates purchase orders for multiple vendors with a few mouse clicks.
  • Dynamic reorder point calculations based on historical sales / usage and lead times. We'll also help you calculate the lead time.
  • Multiple vendors per item each with their own vendor part number and cost. Print vendor part numbers on purchase orders automatically.
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Centralize bills of materials and production

Why NumberCruncher
  • Create indented bills of materials for finished goods and sub-assemblies and build them using work orders. You can also disassemble them.
  • Flexible work orders allow you to pick and allocate stock, drill down or flatten sub-assemblies and track production using routing steps.
  • Work order will tell you what you have in stock and generate 'linked' purchase orders.
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Be more efficient with advanced inventory control

Why NumberCruncher
  • Get granular inventory visibility. By item, location, bin and lot/serial #.
  • Reduce recall loss with serial and lot # with expiration dates.
  • Print bar code labels at point of receipt, production or sale.
  • Transfer inventory between locations and bins.
  • Increase efficiency and decrease mistakes by scanning bar codes
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Obtain new insights with our integrated report engine

Why NumberCruncher
  • Reports, forms and labels are customizable within All Orders; no additional software required.
  • Create labels with bar codes, quotes and price lists with images and sophisticated reports with multiple groupings.
  • All reports are exportable to Excel, Access, PDF and Word. Advanced users can author their own SQL Views and have them displayed as reports in All Orders.
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What Our Customer Are Saying

  • Pride Tires Inc

    Dealing with most service providers in IT and Communication nowadays is an exercise in groping through the jigsaw puzzle of various options to press on the phone to get to your type of service need and then waiting endlessly for the rep to come on the phone. Thankfully it has been a very refreshing experience with Numbercruncher maker of AO and AOWEB software where customer service is par excellence. More than short time response it is courteous and helpful attitude of the technical team which makes your life easier. Every issue gets an automatic case no and a quick response by mail or remote login to resolve the issue expeditiously. I would strongly recommend All Orders and All Orders web for companies looking to expand their sales on Web who are coping with tight IT budgets and needing comfort space of good IT backup support.

  • Procedure Products

    We are a small manufacturing company in the medical products business. Government regulations make it absolutely necessary that we be able to track lot numbers for the components that go into our products. AllOrders does an excellent job of that. One of the early benefits we experienced was the ease of exporting our customer, vendor and item lists from the old software and importing them directly into AllOrders. We also appreciate the ease of one-step creation of work orders directly from sales orders, saving time for our small staff. The Report Generator has allowed us to customize our business forms and create internal reports specific to our needs. The staff at NumberCruncher is friendly and helpful. Operational issues are handled quickly. We’ve also seen a couple of our requests for enhancements come to pass. I would not hesitate to recommend AllOrders to any small manufacturing business that needs to track serial or lot numbers.

  • Graphic Technology Inc

    We are a small manufacturing company who converted from Exact MACOLA software (used for 14 years) to Quickbooks plus All Orders and are delighted with the flexibility and added capabilities that we are already enjoying. We are still quite early in our implementation having "turned off" our old software only 2.5 weeks ago. The key positive aspects are: ease of seeing the right information when you need it , integrated UPS shipping feature which automatically fills out the UPS shipping fields and returns the tracking number to our shipping document (we truly love that!). We are already getting more information in an easier fashion with AllOrders than we ever did with our previous software. All Orders is a fantastic program with phenomenal flexibility and capability coupled with superb ease of use. We highly recommend it.

  • Quality Bakery Products

    We implemented All Orders in March 2010 and highly recommend this software to any potential users. The transition was much smoother than expected and the All Orders staff (from the President to the tech support individuals) were always helpful, responsive, and courteous. We are a bakery products manufacturer and All Orders has significantly improved our Bill of Materials process, especially to factor our true assembly costs. We have also benefited from the Work Orders feature. We use All Orders in conjunction with Quickbooks Enterprise and we are extremely pleased with the added reporting capabilities, features, and navigation of All Orders. The support staff has always helped us fully resolve any issue we have come across including to assist us in recovering data we thought was permanently lost. In summary, we are very pleased with this software, the company and its representatives, and the overall experience of our transition.

QuickBooks Inventory Software

Our comprehensive inventory and order management system can be run as a stand-alone application but one of its main benefits is that it helps you overcome issues and bottlenecks caused by QuickBooks. Our software is integrated with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise versions 2008 or higher and now also QuickBooks online as well.

Finding the best inventory management solutions for a business can be overwhelming. However, we have inventory control software that gets the basics right, and also brings you some advanced functionality while ensuring affordability and usability.

Manufacturing organizations carry an inventory of products that must be maintained professionally along with accurate statistics and information on their movements. This inventory control is imperative for the success of a business and high quality services to customers.

‘All Orders’ is our QuickBooks inventory management software that delivers comprehensive inventory and order management solutions. It works equally well as a stand-alone warehouse software and works great when integrated with QuickBooks, ensuring that your business never again has to deal with bottlenecks, and issues such as negative inventory and back orders.

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All Orders by NumberCruncher is a robust inventory and order processing system that can be integrated with your e-Commerce, web store, EDI or shopping cart. The integration will significantly reduce the time and errors in entering new customers and web orders.