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All Orders Inventory Software Bridges the Gap Between Business Accounting and Business Success

All Orders inventory software by NumberCruncher adds inventory control and order management features to QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise. If you have a manufacturing, wholesale or distribution business you need to effectively track inventory quantities, manufacturing operations and customer orders to stay competitive. All Orders is the QuickBooks Inventory Management Software that delivers enterprise-class solutions giving SMBs a competitive edge at an affordable price.

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Make Business Decisions

All Orders by NumberCruncher is a comprehensive inventory and order management software application that helps you make better business decisions. In purchasing, shipping and receiving, order entry, production and inventory control. All Orders gives the business owner, manager and accountant the tools to be successful faster, easier and more efficiently.

Compatible with QuickBooks

All Orders by NumberCruncher can be used as a stand-alone inventory management system but it is also integrated with QuickBooks. It shares customer, vendor, inventory, account and other information seamlessly with QuickBooks, so you never have to enter the data twice. What's more, All Orders was designed with the QuickBooks user in mind. If you are already familiar with QuickBooks, then learning All Orders will be painless.

Key Benefits

All Orders Inventory Software by NumberCruncher is a comprehensive inventory control and order processing system that combines powerful features for both manufacturers and distributors.

  • Intelligent Inventory Status: With All Orders, you can quickly view inventory status, see what's available, committed, allocated and in transit — not just what’s "On Hand" — to quickly determine what needs to be reordered, and easily create a batch of purchase orders for multiple vendors at the same time.
  • Streamlined Purchase Orders to Sales Orders to Shipping Documents: Each time you get a customer purchase order, you create a sales order for either inventory or non-inventory items. With a single click, All Orders will determine what’s in stock and create the necessary shipping documents.
  • Integrated Work Order Creation: Each time you produce one or more items, All Orders allows you to generate a work order which contains a "Component List" detailing the quantity and location of the components required.
  • Fast and Accurate Costing: Costing finished goods is easy with All Orders. Using the bill of materials, you designate which components go into a finished product. All Orders computes the cost, the mark-up and the mark-up percentage automatically.
  • Smart Sales Order Processing: All Orders helps facilitate your shipping schedule by serving as the command center for all sales orders. You can easily and quickly see which sales orders are open and ready to ship. And you can view sales order by customers, by item ordered, customer purchase order and by shipping date.
  • Powerful Production Management: With All Orders you can view which work orders are waiting for components, ready for production, in production and finished. You can sort work orders by customers, by item ordered and by shipping date.
  • Proxies Solve the Limits Problem: Get around the items, customer and vendor limits in QuickBooks with All Orders "proxies" feature. You can add an item to All Orders, then use another item as a proxy when synchronizing with QuickBooks.

Why Choose All Orders by NumberCruncher?

In early 2002, NumberCruncher was the first company to offer a true QuickBooks inventory management and order management software solution. Since then, over 1500 businesses have used our products and services to better manage their businesses. At NumberCruncher our goal is to give you the most affordable, easy-to-deploy and simple-to-use solutions to help your business be more efficient and competitive. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent products at great prices, as well as offering support services that are second to none.

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