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Integrate All Orders with virtually any other software using the All Orders API

The All Orders API (Application Program Interface) allows your to write code that can add, delete, modify and query almost any record in All Orders. In fact through our API you can do virtually everything that is done through the All Orders UI (User Interface) including:

  • Create or modify customers, items, vendors, locations and profile lists
  • Create or modify quotes, sales orders, purchase orders and work orders.
  • Fill sales orders (i.e. create ship docs), allocate and finish work orders and receive purchase orders.
  • Create or modify inventory adjustments, location transfer and counts
  • Get the data behind the All Orders lists
  • Get the data behind the All Orders Reports

What have other customers done with our API?

  • Integrated their web sites with All Orders
  • Created custom screens for production workers, shipping and receiving
  • Created applications to perform repetitive tasks
  • Linked All Orders with CRM, CAD/CAM, EDI and machining systems

The All Orders API is free to use although logins made through the API are considered a user for licensing purposes.

We have created a VB.NET project that makes use of the API. This project is provided as-is. We would be happy to provide your developers with consulting services on using the API. You can also download Using the API.

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