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How All Orders Syncs with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online has been gaining traction in the past year.  That is why NumberCruncher has developed synchornization with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.  Your usage of All Orders is virtually the same with either however there are differences between how and what is synchronized.   Below is a description of the main points of synchronization for both platforms.   

The biggest difference you will notice is the way Inventory items are synchronized.   Intuit has not yet given its 3rd party developers the tools to adequtely manage Inventory items within QuickBooks online.    As a result we use what we refer to as a 'Proxy' (aka Alias) when we post transactions into QuickBooks.   A Proxy is an placeholder item that is used for transactions.  To illustrate this point take a look at the invoice generate from All Orders and the corresponding invoices create by All Orders in QuickBooks Online.    The Proxy we use in QuickBooks Online is a non-inventory item called Books.

For QuickBooks Online, inventory postings can be accomplished by running the Inventory Valuation reports in All Orders and creating journal entries in Quickbooks Online.

Synchronization Comparison

Feature QuickBooks Desktop QuickBooks Online
Real Time Yes No
Batch Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Entities (Bidirectional)    
Company Info Yes Yes
Terms Yes Yes
Tax Codes Yes Yes
Payment Methods Yes Yes
Ship Methods Yes N/A
Class Yes Yes
Currency Yes No
Vendor Type Yes N/A
Vendors Yes Yes
Account Yes Yes
Non-Inventory items (including Service and Other Charge) Yes Yes
Inventory items (including Assembly Items) Optional No
Discounts Yes N/A
Group Items No N/A
Prices Levels Yes N/A
Employee Yes Yes
Sales Reps Yes N/A
Customer Yes Yes
Location No No
Unit of Measure No No
Transactions(To QuickBooks Only)    
Bills Yes Yes
Purchase Orders Yes No
Vendor Returns Yes Yes
Sales Orders Optional Import (no Export) N/A
Invoice Yes Yes
Sales Receipt Yes Yes
Customer Credit Yes Yes
Payments Yes Yes
Refunds Yes Yes
Adjustments Yes No
Work Orders Yes No

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