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Setting up and using Ship Rush with All Orders?

Set Up

  1. Download and install the ShipRush runtime. Follow the onscreen instructions. You will need to have your carrier account information available to complete the installation.
  2. Go to Preferences within All Orders and click the Ship Rush icon on the left panel.
  3. For Auto fill Ref 1, pick one field per type of document. For example, if generating shipments from sales order, assign Ref 1 to either the Sales Order # or Customer PO. If generating shipments from the Ship Doc assign Ref 1 to either the Sales Order #, Ship Doc # or Customer PO.
  4. For the send address, select the appropriate ship to fields available.
  5. You can capture the cost of either the estimate or shipment onto the source document. You can either use the Freight area at the bottom of the sales order or ship doc or you can add a line item representing the cost of the shipment.
  6. The license key provided is for the demo and lasts for 14 days. Once you purchase Ship Rush, you will be provided with a new license key.

Using ShipRush

When you open a sales order, ship doc or transfer you will see the Shipping button. From there you have three choices:.

  • Estimate: This function will return a message box with the estimated shipping document.
  • Ship: This function will open the ShipRush window where you process the shipment.
  • View/Delete: This function will show a window of all shipment associated with the document. Right click on a particular row to delete the shipment.

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