What types of barcoding scanning equipment do you support?

What types of bar coding equipment do you support?

All Orders 2.X

NumberCruncher allows you to use bar code scanner to quickly and efficiently scan items in and out of inventory as they are received and sold.  You can also use the scanning functionality on transfers and for lot/serial #s.   Moreover NumberCruncher can be set-up to scan your own part numbers, UPCs,  vendor part numbers or manufacturer part numbers.  

All Orders will work with scanners that control the input into a computer screen (e.g. the scanner can input data directly into a word document).  In other words,  as you scan the item the results will show on your computer screen right away.   The scanner can either have a wire or be wireless. 

You need to set a TAB POST AMBLE on your scanner.  This essentially is the same as typing and pressing the TAB key. In fact you can emulate a scanner by putting your mouse in the Scan Code box of say the Receive Items form and pressing TAB.    Consult your scanners documentation for instructions on setting up a tab post amble.

There are numerous vendors of scanners and prices start as low as $200.   Your circumstances will determine the type of scanner to purchase including the type of bar codes your will be scanning, how far away the bar codes are and how rugged the device is.


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