Troubleshooting All Orders and SQL Server

Troubleshooting All Orders and SQL Server

All Orders 3.X

This FAQ only applies to those user that have already converted their Access file to SQL Server.   If you have not done so,  please read  FAQ 112 - How to Migrate NumberCruncher All Orders to MS SQL Server.

  • Reset Sales Order: A utility to resets the shipped amount of a sales order

  • Run SQL Scripts: A utility that will run an SQL script file.  The following script files are available:

  • WOItemCompStatus : If missing column UPS Ref

  • FixBOMImportPurchaseDescErr : If error upon importing bom after answering 'yes' to default description

  • WOItemComp: If missing column Shipping Method

  • fixAvailableWOBOM, fixavailablecompstatus,fixavailablecomp (ran in same order): If missing column Available

  • fixDissasemblyNoPrint: If Disassembly does not print

  • FixWOListStatusFilter: If Filter belonging to WOList generates an error

  • qryrptSalesOrderCorrected: If missing Standard Price from reports #1

  • qryrptshipdoccorrected: If missing Standard Price from reports #2

  • insert: If missing Standard Price from reports #3

  • insertshipdoc: If missing Standard Price from reports #4

  • FixSOlist.sql: If your SO show a status of closed when outstanding   shipments are still pending

  • FixLocations.sql: If your locations quantities are incorrect.

  • ItemInventory.sql: If your inventory item is not showing on the NC Inventory list but showing on QB or not showing at all

  • FixTransfer.sql: If a blank screen appears when printing a transfer transaction.

  • FixUOM.sql: If the UOM "active/inactive" status is incorrect on Lists -> Other Lists -> UOM.

  • FixReceiving.sql: If  upon printing a receiver, an error 5000 occurs indicating wrong VendorPartNumber or MfctPartNumber

  • Fixrequired.sql: If the required column on the Inventory List is incorrect.

  • FixPOList: If POs are showing on the list incorrectly

  • FixPOComment: If only 500 characters are printing on the PO comments.

  • Set Recovery Simple:  Sets the recovery mode to 'Simple' which help to prevent the log file from growing large and slowing the database. The Simple Recovery method is when the data can only be restored from the last back-up.   Other recovery methods (eg FULL or BULK) can be used which will restore from the time of the data loss based on the transaction log.  You can implement FULL recovery methods yourself if you have Enterprise Manager.

  • Invalid Bookmark error.  Occurs when changing a ship date or ship to address on a sales order or purchase order.    The error has been fixed on service pack 3.1.24


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