What types of scanners can I use with Pocket Inventory

What types of scanners can I use with Pocket Inventory?

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As long as the device you purchase comes with either an SD (secure digital) slot or a CF (compact flash) slot, you can purchase a scanner that can be attached to your device for scanning barcodes. Any scanner that can scan a barcode into Pocket Word can be used to scan barcodes into Pocket Inventory. NumberCruncher recommends Socket Scan for your scanner attachment needs. All-In-Ones with built in scanners can also be used as long as they run the Pocket PC operating system. These include symbol devices with built in scanners.

If you currently own a device with a scanner and are not sure whether the scanner meets the requirments, download the Pocket Inventory trial and try scanning barcodes. If you are unable to scan barcodes and think that the scanner meets the requirments email support@numbercruncher.com with the exact error encountered and the type of scanner you are using.


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