When I scan my items name Pocket Inventory says the item cannot be found

I scan/enter the name of my item but it says Pocket Inventory says the item cannot be found.

Pocket Inventory - QuickBooks
Pocket Inventory - All Orders

Pocket Inventory only recognizes an item's fullname. For example, if you have an item named Eraser that is a subitem of the item Pencil, the name of the item that Pocket Inventory will recognize is Pencil:Eraser. Entering or scanning Eraser will cause Pocket Inventory to display an "Item cannot be found" message. If you would like to scan the short hand name of the item, without the parent item included, download this utility. The utility will create a custom field in QuickBooks and place the name of the item into the custom field for each item in your company file. When checking out devices with Pocket Inventory the user can specify custom fields they would like to send to the device that may hold bar-codes for scanning. Check the new custom field that was created to send it to the device and Pocket Inventory will then recognize the item when you scan it's name.

Note: Backup your QuickBooks file before running this utility.


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