After I convert and begin using SQL: Can I create a New Company File?

After I convert and begin using SQL: Can I create a New Company File?

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No!!! While it is true that on Version 3.1.26 and below, from the log in screen you could click on "cancel" and then traverse thru the New Company Setup Wizard and pretend that you have created a brand new company file, the  reality is that you have just modified your exisitng SQL database and also  the reality is that you have made this modification resulting in unpredictable results. To do the creation of a brand NEW COMPANY FILE legitimately you must TAKE OUT THE DB PROVIDER from the Windows Registry...thru executing the Windows "regedit" command. You can enter this command thru the "Run" panel available thru your basic "Start" button  at the lower left corner of your system (unless you moved your windows task bar). The registry key you need to modify is the HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE, then click on SOFTWARE  then click on NUMBERCRUNCHER, then look for "dbprovider: SQL", DOUBLE CLICK ON IT and  Windows will present you with a screen to update it...just delete all characters, go back to  Number Cruncher and then run the New Company Setup will then create a brand  new company file again in MS Access. All you have then is go thru the same instructions you  followed before in converting your data.

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