How can I test NumberCruncher Products with my QuickBooks?

How can I test NumberCruncher Products with my QuickBooks?

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The safest way to test NumberCruncher is to create and use a copy of your QuickBooks company file for testing purposes, that way you can see how it works with your own data.

To create a copy of your QuickBooks file, find the file using the Windows explorer or file folders and copy it to a new folder. You should rename the file and company name within QuickBooks (Company --> Company Information...) so that you do not inadvertently use this file for live data.

Use the test file to create the NumberCruncher Work Orders file for testing purposes.  When you are finished testing,  delete both the test QuickBooks file and test NumberCruncher software and then create a new file using your live company file.

NOTE: NumberCruncher products could also be tested with the QuickBooks sample companies however you should be aware that the QuickBooks sample companies use future dates so you will have to scroll back invoices and bills or view All on reports to see the transactions created with current dates.



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