Can't Connect Pocket to PC with Active Sync 4.0 +

Can't Connect Pocket to PC with Active Sync 4.0 +


This is a known issue.


In some specific cases, Windows Mobile device connectivity to a Windows PC running Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0 may experience connection problems.

To isolate what may be causing this, which is generally a firewall or internet connectivity or lan connectivity issue as described in articles below,

1) Please disconnect the PC from any networking or Internet Access,

2) On Active Sync upon connecting, set up a GUEST PARTNERSHIP, by clicking on cancel when the synchronization screen not synchronize or engage in a full partnership unless all possible related causes as described the articles below are identified. Please refer to the following HP/Microsoft documents which will describe the known issues, and how you can resolve them.

HP Model Hx2110 Pocket PC Troubleshooting Guide.