Bar Code Printers - Guidelines

Barcode Printers - Guidelines

We have tested the barcode printing capabilities of the software with some printers, not all therefore we cannot make a claim that it will work with all barcode printers. As long as it is a Windows supported printer it should work. However, in setting up such printer the following must be done:

From the Label section of Custom Reports select the report category of the label report you desire and then select and copy such report (the same way this is done for all other reports as explained on our tutorials online) then go to the Modify Design Tab:

1 - Select the icon on the first tool bar under Design Mode with a little red dot and printer, this will allow you select the printer from your Windows Environment. From properties or advance features of this Windows based printer setup also set the correct characteristics (Example: On the Zebra, you muyst set the gap between labels). This Panel should be enabled if you ran your printer setup disk.

2 - A new Label Name must be created

3 - A new Vendor must be created

4 - Paper Size selected (In the case of Zebra this would be Vertical Half Sheet)

5 - Label inches must then be calibrated (ex for most Zebra printers Vertical Pitch is 1.25 and Horizontal Pitch is 2.25)

6 - Save and Close

7 - Keep in mind that on Modify Design (label layout), there is a checkbox underneath called "design mode" that must be uncheck to preview all records

8 - Also keep in mind that you can filter and sort your barcode lists with the filter and sort tabs

9 - Under the Label option of Custom Reports, you will find the one under Items, the more comprehensive choice for printing barcodes for all items.

10 - In the BARCODE field box itself there is a property (click on Design at the very top and then property list) called "style" this is the same as "symbology". There are scanners that support the ansi39 or plain code39 but there are some that will support the 128 symbology only and if you are using UPC you may want to have the UPC symbology on...If you are a user of Pocket INventory make sure that all symbologies are turned on on the pocket. If the Pocket PC scanner gives you trouble scanning, you may want to disable all symbologies and re- enable them....sometimes the scanner takes its time in learning to read the printed barcode presented.

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