Guidelines for converting to All Orders V4 from prior versions

Guidelines for converting to All Orders V4

All Orders V4 will automatically update version 3.1.25 or higher.  If you are currently using version 1.x version 2.x, you must first install and run version 3.

Data that will be converted

Most of your data will be imported to All Orders 4 without difficulty. However, please note the following exceptions and special circumstances

  1. RFPs are not supported and will not be imported.    

  2. RMAs are no longer supported in All Orders. RMA is now handled through a Customer Return which is 'Unshipped'. You can quickly re-enter the RMAs by going to the underlying Ship Doc and clicking Return.

  3. The Bill of Materials is part of the item.  To see only your BoMs, filter the Item list for Item Group Short = BOM

  4. The Available iin All Orders 3 was QuickBooks On Hand +/- 'Timing Difference' while in All Order 4 it is based on the Location quantity; meaning only the transactions that are posted through All Orders.

  5. Work Orders no longer have Customer information.
    For Work Orders that have been invoiced, a Ship Doc is created. For un-invoiced Work Orders, a Sales Order gets created. The old Work Order # can now be found in a memo field of the Ship Doc or Sales Order. (Note: If the an un-open Work Order does not have 'Enable Invoicing' then a sales order will not be created)

  6. Work Orders no longer have multiple lines. As a result, separate Work Orders are created for each line of the old Work Order.

  7. In version 4, making ad hoc lot or serial # entries was made with the Lot / Serial # entry screen.  In version 4, ad hoc lot / serial # entries are made using the Qty Adjustment entry screen.    Lot and serial # transaction that were made with the lot/serial # entry screen have been converted to Qty Adjustments.

  8. One-sided transfers are no longer supported. Old one-sided transfers have been converted to Qty Adjustments and marked as NC Only.

  9. Overriding lot or serial # entries is not supported. Instead, a temporary ID number is inserted into the affected transactions.

  10. Most reports will be converted with the exception of work order reports.

  11. Only the admin user will be converted, other users will have to be re-added.

Conversion guidelines

All Orders V4 has numerous new features that will significantly improve efficiency however the user interface has changed and you will need to re-learn some portions of the system. Therefore consider the following suggestions before converting:

  1. Do not convert during your busy season convert when your staff has the time to install and learn the system
  2. Schedule training
  3. Do a test conversion
  4. Run version 3 and version 4 in parallel

Pocket Inventory

Pocket Inventory will be integrated with All Orders 4 by December 15, 2006.  If you need Pocket Inventory with All Orders, please wait until that time to convert.

Custom Applications

Please contact NumberCruncher to determine if your custom application will work with the new version of All Orders.


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