PK Constraint - Key Violation

Constraint...Foreign Key conflict...

All Orders 4.X

Constraint...Foreign Key conflict... while converting from Version 3


During the conversion from version 3, you may receive a foreigh key constraint error in the Customer or ItemInventory tables as follows

Constraint...Foreign Key conflict...


In All Orders 3 the FullName field was not a unique field whereas in All Orders 4 the FullName field is a unique field.     Before All Orders 4, when you deleted an Item in QuickBooks it was not deleted in All Orders and may have been duplicated if it was re-introduced in QuickBooks.


  1. Open your file in version 3 of All Orders and do a Full Sync. File --> Synchronize with QuickBooks - Full Sync

  2. Close All Orders version 3.

  3. Open All Orders version 4 and retry the conversion.


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