How do I work with Sub-Contractors?

Does NumberCruncher Work Orders Handle Sub-Contractors/Processes?

Work Orders 1.X

Yes, NumberCruncher Work Orders can track sub-contractors/processes. First create an Item-Component (if created through QuickBooks it must be an InventoryPart) for each sub-contractor or process. You would then include that component in the bill of materials. When you create a work order you will note that the component is 'Out of Stock' - At that point, you can create a purchase order (i.e. purchasing services) for the sub-contractor. When the sub-contract is completed - you would enter a vendor bill for Items indicating the Qty and Amount. On the work order you will now see that the component is 'In Stock', indicating that that this process is finished.

Consider the following example of a shirt manufacturer which out-sources the dying process but does embroidery internally. Their bill of material for a finished shirt would look like this:


 Qty Per

Cost Per

White shirt



Blue Dye






Assume now that a work order is created for 1000 shirts. The dye component will show as 'Out of Stock' and the status of the work order will be 'Waiting'. The manufacturer then creates a purchase order for 1000 units of Blue Dye along with other instructions. When the dying is finished, a vendor bill from the Dye Company would be entered in QuickBooks as follows:




Blue Dye



After synchronizing with QuickBooks, the status of the work order will now be 'Ready' indicating that the sub-contract is complete.



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