What is a Proxy and how do I use it?

What is a Proxy and how do I use it?

All Orders 4.X

A Proxy is used to add items, vendors and customers to All Orders 4 without adding to QuickBooks.   You may want to use proxies when:

  1. You reach the items or customers limitation in QuickBooks;

  2. You want to manage items, customer and vendors outside of QuickBooks.

A Proxy is an item, customer or vendor that is already in QuickBooks. Any transaction that is recorded in QuickBooks will use the Proxies instead of the actual item, customer or vendor.

You use a Proxy when you create an item, customer or vendor by checking the Has Proxy then select a name for the drop down list.

At a later time you can add the item, customer or vendor to QuickBooks by unchecking Has Proxy and clicking Save.


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