Windows 7 Install instructions

Windows 7 / X64 bit Installation Guide

Should you have an issues with any of the following steps we would be glad to install All Orders for you.

  1. Install  SQL Server 2008R2 with advanced reporting tools.  When creating the instance select mixed authentication mode and use Sysadmin1 as the sa password. and make sure that the collation in the advanced setting of the sql server install is set to SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
  2. Install the SQL Server 2005 backwards compatibility.    Select the correct version for your environment wither Windows Vista or XP (32 bit)  or Windows 64 bit.
  3. Download and install All Orders client and go through the New Company File Wizard.

            If you get the error 339 Excombobox.dll not correctly registered then

    - Find cmd.exe in the WINDOWS folder
    - Right Click and select Run as Administrator
    - type: regsvr32 "C:\WINDOWS\system32\ExComboBox.dll"
    - If on Vista 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 2008 business srver 64 bits then type: regsvr32 "C:\Windows\syswow64\ExComboBox.dll"
    - Press Enter 

If you get the msxml4.dll not found or access denied

This is a security issue affecting the following directory new to version 5.32 or higher:

On a VISTA Or Window 7 machine, the solutions below can only be performed by loging in to VISTA and Windows 7 as a local administrator!!!!! 

Solution #1 

Please install AllOrders after logging in as LOCAL ADMINISTRATOR. 

Solution #2 

If the above is not possible then examine if the following directories exist if not create them: 

"C:\Users\[CurrentUsername]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files \NumberCruncher\AllOrders" 

THEN add the following permissions to the security and sharing tabs 
starting at the "application data or AppData or perhaps higher at the current user level in the case of Vista, Windows 7 and 2008 server

(service, system, everyone, domain user, terminal service, remote service, administrator, administrators....) to it with FULL CONTROL 

Solution #3 

Create these directories under the local administrator account: 

"C:\Users\localAdminstrator\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\NumberCruncher\AllOrders" 


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