Error Message - You cannot add or change...

Error Message - You cannot add or change...

Work Orders 1.X

Unexpected error Description:

You cannot add or change a record because a related record is required in table 'Account'. Code: -2147467259.

There are three possible causes for this problem.  please read all of them and see which ones apply.

Possible Cause 1:

You or someone in your company recently added or modified and account that affects inventory and the QuickBooks user that you are currently logged on as does not have access to 'Sensitive Financial Information'.

Resolution 1:

In QuickBooks login as Admin or another user with access to 'Sensitive Financial Information' and then launch NumberCruncher.


Possible Cause 2:

Your QuickBooks accounts list may may be corrupt. 

Resolution 2:

  1. From within QuickBooks do File --> Utilities --> Export and select "Chart of Accounts";

  2. Save the file. This action will create an IIF file.

  3. From From within QuickBooks do File --> Utilities --> Import and select the IIF file you just created.

  4. Try NumberCruncher again.

Note: To Export and Import IIF files, you must be in a single user mode.




Possible Cause 3:

One or more items have missing or invalid Income and/or COGS accounts.

Resolution 3:

Look at the tool bar - and see which number it's getting stuck on (e.g. 9 of 456 [My Item].  Within the Item List in QuickBooks, view  this item or the one immediately after/before this item and make sure the COGS and Income accounts are valid and completed.  If you cannot identify the problem item that way then do the following from QuickBooks:

  1. Lists --> Items
  2. Reports (Bottom of List) --> Item Listing
  3. Modify Report - Filter Tab
  4. Active Status = All
  5. Type = Inventory Part
  6. Press OK
  7. Export to Excel
  8. Look at item the 10th row (9 + 1)
  9. Edit that item from the Item List and ensure the COGS and Income accounts are valid and completed.


If the above resolutions do not correct the problem, run the Repair Tool, open QB as the 'Admin' user and run NumberCruncher Work Orders.


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