Could not determine the version of QuickBooks

Could not determine the version of the QuickBooks Company data file.

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Work Orders 1.X
All Orders 2.X

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Could not determine the version of the QuickBooks Company data file.

Possible Cause 1:

Applies ONLY if you are using QuickBooks 2002 and Version 3.X of either All Orders, Work orders or Sales Order.  This is a problem that affects numerous applications that use the QBSDKRP2 in conjunction with QuickBooks.

Resolutions of Cause 1

1.    Run reboot.bat which is located in \Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks Pro.


2.    Reinstall QuickBooks and NumberCruncher as follows:

-From \Program Files\NumberCruncher\All Orders 3, run QBXMLRP2Installer.exe, then 'Next' and select 'Remove'

-Uninstall NumberCruncher from Add/Remove Programs

-Uninstall QuickBooks from Add/Remove Programs

-Delete Program Files\CommonFiles\Intuit\QuickBooks

-Reboot your machine

-Reinstall QuickBooks

-Within QuickBooks do File --> Update QuickBooks

-Reinstall NumberCruncher


Possible Cause 2:

You may have recently updated or moved your QuickBooks company file.

Resolution for Cause 2:

1. From Windows Start, select Run, type in 'regedit' and press OK, this will launch the Registry Editor.

2. From the left panel select HKEY_CURRENT_USER then Software then NumberCruncher.

3. Highlight the NumberCruncher folder an then press 'Delete'.

4. Go to QuickBooks and LOOK AT File --> Open Previous Company. Do not select it, just jot down the path (e.g. C:Docs\MyCo.QBW or \\NetWork\MyCo.QBW)

5. Start NumberCruncher.

6. Select File --> Open Company and 'Browse' to the location of the NumberCruncher file on the network or hard-drive (*.NCB) and select it. [DO NOT TYPE IN THE NAME OF THE QUICKBOOKS FILE]

7. You will get a message that the QuickBooks file cannot be found. Select Yes to look for it then 'Browse' to the location of the QuickBooks file on the network(*.QBW) and select it.   MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE HAVE SELECTED THE SAME PATH AS IN 4 ABOVE.


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