How do you install an update?

How do you install an update?

All Orders 3.X
Work Orders 1.X
All Orders 2.X

  1. Close NumberCruncher;
  2. Make a backup of your NumberCruncher data file;
  3. Download the update and Save the file to a Folder;
  4. Open the folder and double click the downloaded file;
  5. Click Set Up;
  6. Click OK;
  7. Click the large button to install update to default folder (C:\Program Files\NumberCruncher\All Orders or Change Directory to install to different folder. NOTE: THE UPDATE MUST BE INSTALLED IN THE SAME FOLDER AS THE ORIGINAL PROGRAM;
  8. If you receive a version conflict message 'Do you want to keep this file?', click Yes.
  9. Follow the above instructions for each computer on your network that has access to NumberCruncher.
  10. Do not interrupt the update process. Allow the program to update itself for up to 10 minutes.

** NOTE: If you have a multi-user version of NumberCruncher,  you should update the computer that contains the NumberCruncher data file first.  

*** If you are using NumberCruncher 3.X with SQL, please perform a backup before installing the update.

After all users have been updated please do File --> Compact & Repair.


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