Why are the quantities different in QuickBooks and NumberCruncher

Why are the quantities different in QuickBooks and NumberCruncher.

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From time to time the quantity of and item shown in the 'Available' on the Inventory List in NumberCruncher may be different that the 'On Hand' column on the item list in QuickBooks.    The following are the reconciling items:

    1.    Receivers not yet into QuickBooks.

    2.    Ship Docs not yet in QuickBooks.

    3.    Quantities in locations designated as unavailable.

    4.    Components 'In Production'.

    5.    Adjustments not yet in QuickBooks.

To see the details of what is in 'Available', from the Inventory List (List --> Inventory Items), check the items with a checkmark and then from the bottom of the list, do Reports--> Inventory Status Details.



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