What is NumberCruncher's Support Policy

What is NumberCruncher's Support Policy?

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Free Support Options

NumberCruncher products comes with FREE email support which are responded to within 1-5 days.  Additionally, you can search the knowledge base for frequently asked questions and view our online tutorials.

Priority Support

Priority support consists of toll free email support where support issues are responded to within 24 hours (during normal business hours).   You can purchase an annual support contract or individual support instances.

What is a support issue?

A support issue is defined as an situation where you are unable to normally operate the software.  Support DOES NOT include:

  • How to operate the software unless a feature is not documented.   Training may be purchased from NumberCruncher for this purpose.

  • How certain transactions are reflected in QuickBooks unless the answer is not documented.   E.g. Why is inventory negative or why are average cost 0 as these are business/accounting issues.

  • How to customize reports.   NumberCruncher is packaged with a powerful report writer which requires knowledge database reports such as Access or Crystal reports.   We have an affordable report customization services to assist you in this matter.

  • Operating system, file system or networking issues.


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