Known Issues in All Orders Version 6.X

Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.64 through 6.2.70
Added - Lot/Serial # history tab on item info screen, right click shortcuts available from inventory list and item info, lot serial #s list.
Added - Up to 15 custom fields on adjustments.
Added - Ability to receive payments on repair orders.
Added - Discount line items can be added to sales documents to apply percentage based discounts.
Added - Unavailable and Can Make columns to the Reorder Analysis
Added - Options to show negative inventory when selecting Get Available.
Added - Ability to include non inventory items in packages on ship docs.
Added - Setting to only allow a single lot/serial # to be entered per line item on a document.
Added - Item images available on sales order line items.
Added - Item image on item screen clickable to open the file.
Added - Setting to keep track of original line items on sales documents if the item is swapped out to a substitute.
Added - Expanded memo/notes/shipping instructions on sales documents to be unlimited characters.
Added - Option to auto fill quantities when creating ship docs without auto saving the ship doc.
Added - Option to finish work orders at the time of splitting.
Added - Ability to split work orders added to the Work Order Routing screen.
Added - Custom fields can be reordered for display.
Added - Default classes for repair orders.
Added - Import default package types for items from Excel.
Fixed - Attachments added not saving properly in certain situations.
Fixed - Resoloved an issue that could cause duplicate UCC128 codes on packages.
Fixed - Various issues syncing payments.
Fixed - Bin moves not completing successfully causing one sides transfers.
Fixed - Custom lot/serial # Yes/No type fields being toggles when tabbed through.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.56 through 6.2.63
Added - Preference to include attachments from documents when emailing
Added - Preference to auto assign produced serial #s on work orders when being finished
Added - Copy BOMs between assemblies
Added - Preference to show unavailable bin quantites on the item info
Added - Preference to show customer notes under the address on sales orders
Added - Payment entry interface for a cash drawer
Added - Support for allocating inventory to kit items on sales orders
Added - Tab highlighting for paid orders
Added - Preference to lock lot/serial #s from being editid
Added - Option to export reports directly to a specific folder as PDF when printed
Added - Option to allow work orders even if payment terms require payments that have not been made yet
Fixed - When swapping steps/processes on the BOM editor, components with used as converison rates would have incorrect quantites.
Fixed - Items added to ship docs using Add SO not having the correct price carry through
Fixed - Error about lot/serial being a duplicate on adjustment incorrectly
Fixed - Issues loading kits with kit rules
Fixed - Some repair processes not closing out the repair order
Fixed - Part Of valdation firing for some items without lot/serial # tracking
Fixed - Swapping one item for another on a ship doc would not recalculated inventory of the old item


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.52/53/54/55
Added - Improved UCC128 code generation.
Added - Tracking # and custom fields can be edited on receievrs even after posting to QB.
Added - Option to include/exclude shipping charges from Additional Fee calculations.
Added - Option to set ordered qty on Work Orders to equal the produced when splitting.
Added - Option to auto send a Work Order to QB/History after split.
Added - Option to view can make on work order and auto produce that quantity.
Added - Override SQL Server connection settings with custom built connection strings.
Added - Option to not post memo data from Sales Orders to Ship Docs.
Added - Payment dates can be imported for sales documents.
Added - Bin Move screen re done with many new options.
Added - Option to sort all reports in alphabetic order.
Added - Set cutoff months for PO and Receiver lists for closed documents.
Added - Option to pop up item notes on transfers.
Added - Option to retain BOM Component quantities when one part # is change for another.
Added - Option to set a ship date for all ship docs generated in a batch shipment.
Fixed - Available quantity on work order components not accurate in certain scenarios.
Fixed - Bin moves could generate unbalanced moves in certain scenarios.
Fixed - Using the Return button on the receiver does not always move all serial #s onto the new vendor return.
Fixed - Back order not accurate with multiple ship dates when some dates are overshipped.
Fixed - Some BOM Components enterd as percentages and having used as conversion rates not accurate.
Fixed - Some BOM modifications not saving properly after the save button is clicked.
Fixed - Open Sales/Purchase orders from before the close date could not be opened and modified.
Fixed - Message about a payment not being able to be applied to a document as it exceeds the amount when in fact it does not.
Fixed - Package screen from ship docs thinking lot/serial #s being used when the item in question does not have lot/serial tracking.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.49/50/51
Added - Customer returns/Credits that have not been applied can be manually closed out if they were used in QB.
Added - Option to block recalculating prices on line items once saved.
Added - Option to copy down ship addresses and contacts when selecting a parent customer.
Added - Resrict access to specific price levels to specific users.
Added - View On Hand and available quantities as columns on the PO entry screen.
Added - Lot/Serial # import now supports pulling only fully available inventory per bin on import.
Added - Allocated column added to the required list on the item info screen.
Added - Scan on sales order to allocate inventory to the order.
Fixed - Quantity verifitcation messages when generating bin transfers.
Fixed - Kit prices not always reflecting volume level discounts.
Fixed - WO Flattening not adding up time to complete properly per step.
Fixed - On analysis for creating WOs per SO, add to open orders not finding the existing WO linked to that SO.
Fixed - Credits applied to ship docs unable to apply to the realted invoice in QB.
Fixed - Allocations on Sales Order lost when customer ship to address is changed.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.44/45/46/47/48
Added - Track BOM Revisions.
Added - Custom fields for Ship Methods.
Added - New interface for selelecting columns and their orders for lists.
Added - In Transit column added to the reorder analysis.
Added - Ability to move BOM components up and down.
Added - Duplicate adjustment documents.
Added - Customer Item Volume Percentage price level for percentage based discount per item per customer based on quantity being sold.
Added - Option to block uncaptured payments from being able to be posted into QB.
Added - Receivers and Vendor Returns display links to each other in the footer.
Added - Ship methods can be assigned to custom messages, controlling which template is emailed based on the ship method associated with the document being emailed.
Added - Work Order displays a list of linked work orders in the footer.
Added - User Right to block users from accessing BOM data.
Added - Recalculate Reorder Point screen displays current reorder point and lead time and the differences.
Added - Available column added to the PO screen.
Added - Option to auto populate customer PO and additional data into payment reference field.
Added - Assign a closing date to block changes to documents before that date.
Added - Option to have lot/serial entry screen maximize the window each time it is opened.
Added - From the lot #s tab on the item info screen, right click a lot # to display an option to view all movement for that lot #.
Added - Search box added to Bulk Update BOMs screen.
Added - Option to have lead times which push out the ship date on sales orders not have an affect if the item is available and in stock.
Added - Buttons for instructions, produced lot/serial #s and bin added to the Work Order Routing screen.
Added - Option to update the default bin for an item while doing a bin move.
Added - View custom fields directly on the repair order screen.
Added - Option to make drop downs for custom field pick lists displayed on screen wider.
Added - Contact custom fields available on Excel import.
Added - Importing BOMs with errors will show all erros in the import of the BOM instead of erroring out and then only showing the first error.
Added - Problem Codes column to the repair order list.
Added - Export/Import support for BOMs with Batch Sizes.
Fixed - Errors generating documents from consignments if the documents included required custom fields.
Fixed - Inventory list columns not saving their layouts.
Fixed - Item info transaction list displaying transactions for locations a users with location restrictions does not have access to.
Fixed - Processing payments with Authorize .Net when customers have multiple emails in the email field caused no emails to be sent.
Fixed - Taxes not calculated accurate for non US sales documents with discount with different tax codes than the line items.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.40/41/42/43
Added - Override tax rates/amounts on sales documents.
Added - New Customer Item Volume Pricing price level type allowing volume pricing per item per customer.
Added - Support for payment gateway Payeezy.
Added - Default Ship Method and FOB per Vendor.
Added - Preference to highlight closed lines on orders.
Added - User setting to block access to BOM data
Added - Option to sync default customer classes with QB.
Added - Preference for a default purchasing location.
Added - Job tracking on POs.
Added - Move entire bins between locations with the Bin Move screen.
Added - Lot/Serial entry screen can be opened at full screen.
Fixed - Newly created RMA/Repair Statuses now available to assign to new repairs.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.39
Added - Various new field on PO/Receiving/Ship Doc Excel imports.
Added - Preference to have the credit check feature use doc totals instead of sub totals and to only display if the customer hits their limit.
Fixed - Out of range error when opening a new count screen.
Fixed - Error when trying to download certain types of attachments.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.38
Added - Preference to update order promise dates based on lead time associated with items.
Added - User right to block access from editing BOM data.
Added - Beta of Work Order Routing screen available.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.37
Added - New preference to only show the check credit box when the customer is below the credit limit.
Added - Options for controlling which custom fields show on screen for items/lot/serials depending on the group of the item.
Added - Contact drop down on the repair order
Fixed - Error when canceling changes after trying to add a contact.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.36
Added - Preference to see credit checks in foreign currencies
Added - New, faster versions of the Customer, quote and sales order lists
Fixed - Sales order lines that are allocated doubling shipped quantities on fill


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.34/35
Added - New Inventory List available under the lists menu
Added - Credits from customer returns can be applied to ship docs after invoicing and will post to the invoice in QB
Added - Customer PO field can be copied even if ship doc is read only (invoiced)
Added - Company preference to open drop ship POs for editing instead of auto saving, requires one drop ship order to be placed at a time
Added - Option to set Ship Doc Ref # as Invoice # in QB
Added - Post item being repaired onto invoices posted by Repair Order
Added - Loss Factor % can be set per BOM increasing total required for component on work orders by set percentage
Fixed - No lines between rows/columns showing on some lists/grids
Fixed - User access violation errors when a limited access user syncs to clear the sync queue
Fixed - Quantities in RMA for unavailable bins deducting from available quantities twice in Inventory Status report
Fixed - Tax codes for configured BOM line items on sales order not editable


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.33
Added - Vendors support up to 30 custom fields
Added - New setting to set ship doc # in memo field once a sales order with a payment is filled
Fixed - Package weights not totalling and assigning to overall document weight
Fixed - Customer export error when ecountering certain characters in notes
Fixed - Non inventory dependencies auto allocating and shipping more than what was received
Fixed - Error finding field when running work order capacity report
Fixed - Shipping rates not correct for certain Canadian UPS accounts
Fixed - Error syncing payments hen a sales order has one payment that is NC Only and one that is not


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.32
Added - Show header level custom fields directly on screen for Quote/Sales Order/Ship Doc/Customer Return/Purchase Order/Receive Items/Vendor Return.
Added - Allocate approved/read only sales orders with pick all/pick selected button.
Added - Menu option for resetting network connection when database connection is lost.
Added - Set default additional fee per customer.
Added - Highlight customers/orders that are on hold.
Added - When putting a customer on hold, prompt to put all children/sub customers on hold as well.
Added - Checkbox on the item editor in the kit tab to hide inactive kit components/selections.
Added - Preference to prompt users to send sales order emails upon save.
Added - New allocation and shipped percentages and quantity columns available on sales order list.
Fixed - In some situations items shipped not showing shipped quantities on sales orders.
Fixed - Reorder points being overwritten when syncing with QB. New preference to turn off reorder point sync.
Fixed - When creating packages ship doc overall weight not being updated with package weights.
Fixed - Config BOMs being exported from item list missing some config data.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.30/31
Added - PO Confirmed checkbox on PO screen and list.
Added - Default ship methods per customer shipping address.
Fixed - Removed a legacy file generating false poitives in anti virus/anti malware software.
Fixed - Error 91 when saving a new contact.
Fixed - Overflow error when opening a customer return.
Fixed - Larger entry box for customer messages/email templates.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.29
Added - Add additional percentage based fees to quote/order totals.
Added - Pick/Unpick sales order allocation from the sales order list.
Added - Import up to 30 custom fields for customers.
Added - Ship Doc Summary report.
Added - Sales Order Summary report.
Added - Various Sales Order allocation reports.
Added - Items to Reorder report.
Added - Items to Reorder by Location report.
Added - Inventory Valuation with Average Cost report.
Added - Users will be warned if upon save their document # was taken by another user and they receive a new one.
Added - Optional Can Make column for assemblies added to sales orders.
Added - Optional FIFO values for the transactions list on the item info screen.
Added - Option to warn users of duplicate customer POs instead of blocking them.
Fixed - The feature to block users from opening documents being edited by another user treated two new documents being entered of the same type as the same document.
Fixed - Closing recalculate reorder points screen freezes the system temporarily.
Fixed - Slow saving of lot/serial #s for produced items on work orders.
Fixed - Tab order in lookup mode on lists incorrect.
Fixed - Kit rules remove button removed all instead of just the selected component.
Fixed - Extra batch shipment screen shows after processing.
Fixed - Clicking cancel on the download attachment feature causes the system to crash.
Fixed - Error when bulk updating very large price level item price lists.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.24/25/26
Added - Allocate inventory directly on sales order, no need for ship docs to reserve stock for an order.
Added - Specify columns on document entry screen that should no longer be part of the tabbing sequence.
Added - As new lot/serial #s are scanned the list will scroll to the bottom keeping the new ones in view.
Added - Phantom BOMs on item import and after importing config BOMs they will auto re link.
Added - Option to use pre set reorder points from the system instead of dynamic ones when doing a forecast.
Fixed - Overflow error when generating serial/lot # sequences.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.23
Added - Block users from opening documents currently open by another user.
Added - View item images directly on the item list.
Fixed - Standard costs and margins on orders not multiplying correctly for some kits.
Fixed - Item images aspect ratio incorrect on the item info screen for some images .
Fixed - Flattened work order no longer allows users to reload dependencies.
Fixed - Width of checbox column on sales order not sticking.
Fixed - Errors when auto allocating some shipments after receiving is completed.
Fixed - Sorting on quantity column of item info screen alphanumeric instead of numeric.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.21/22
Added - Option to popup item notes when added to documents.
Added - Separate user right for undoing documents from QB.
Added - Option to auto finish and add all related work orders to the sync queue when a ship doc is shipped.
Added - Default batch sizes for BOMs.
Added - If advanced inventory in QB is turned on, options to control which site documents post to.
Added - New email picker available for emailing directly from the quote/sales order/ship doc lists.
Added - Work Order custom fields copy down when drilling down work orders.
Added - YTD and Prev YTD Sales add to item list.
Added - User right to block a user from marking a customer return as being returned.
Added - Custom fields now available for the list of preferred vendors for items.
Added - SO # shows on the dependency lists.
Added - Users with read only access to customers, but that have the right to put customers on hold, can now put customers on hold.
Fixed - Errors syncing employee data with QB.
Fixed - Users not allows to edit prices able to change prices on some kit entry screens.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.18/19/20
Added - Support for Moneris payment gateway.
Added - Enter BOM descriptions for kit selections that may configured into the BOM at the sales order level.
Added - Faster loading of the item list (BETA).
Added - New Volume Tier Price level for specific prices when volume quantities are sold.
Added - Checkbox on the ship doc screen and option to only return items that are checked.
Added - Preference to allow changing of the standard price update the price per instead of the discount % on the sales order.
Added - A tab on the sales order to show linked repair orders.
Added - Action on the repair order to create sales orders for parts and labor.
Added - Made totals on the sales order and ship doc screens wider.
Added - Descriptions on item info wider.
Added - Keyboard shortcuts to move between tabs (Ctrl+Tab) and close the current tab (Ctrl+D).
Added - Advanced user settings to block a user from undoing invoices or editing invoiced ship doc custom fields.
Added - Preference to auto charge credit card payments when a ship doc is marked as shipped.
Added - Preference to pop up item notes when an item is added to an order.
Added - Related Quote/SO # to Quote/SO lists.
Added - Paste button on the payment tab when editing customer for copying and pasting address data.
Added - Set default forms for shipping addresses and contacts.
Fixed - Incorrect syntax error when exporting data from a list.
Fixed - Prices changing when ship to address is changed on a sales order.
Fixed - FedEx shipping estimates not accurate.
Fixed - Clicking Fill does not properly ship an order when quantity is in stock and there are multiple ship dates.
Fixed - Class not populating on sales orders.
Fixed - Hide costs from users that cannot view them on item exports and price levels.
Fixed - Incorrect payment amount applied when a partially shipped sales order has an additional ship doc created for the back order.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.17
Added - A new preference to allow users to select which emails to send to/cc/bcc when emailing a quote/sales order/ship doc.
Added - A new preference to auto capture the payments from the credit card when a ship doc is shipped.
Added - Auto populate assembly/finished good lot/serial #s from lot/serial #s allocated to components on work orders.
Added - Create Sales Order document for items used for repairs on repair orders.
Added - Aggregate volume discounts which add quantities for all lines on the document that have the same discount price level assigned before calculating discounts.
Added - Wildcard support when entering a search term on the filter tab of the reporting screen.
Added - Purchase Description and Manufacturer Part # to the BOM list on the item editing screen.
Fixed - Very precise conversion rates for items in kits causing shipping messages stating not enough inventory when there is enough.
Fixed - Consignment list icon not showing when added to the main toolbar.
Fixed - When the same component existing on multiple phantom BOMs being flattened the BOM Descriptions were being overwritten by whichever was added first.
Fixed - After adding packages to a ship doc the package count did not always reflect the number from the packages screen.
Fixed - When shipping select items on a sales order, all of which have matching ship to addresses/ship dates, the batch shipment screen would display instead of the ship doc.
Fixed - Some column widths on some screens not sticking.
Fixed - Vendors returns generate from receiving document could not have the return address changed.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.16
Added - New screen for bulk updating BOMs to replace/add/subtract components.
Added - Importing sales order from QB picks up custom fields as well.
Added - Setting for showing customer/vendor notes when saving order documents.
Added - Custom fields on ship docs can be edited even when the documented is marked as shipped/invoiced.
Added - Better messaging to users about linked documents changing and requiring other open documents to be reloaded.
Added - Cost fields on the BOM screen made wider.
Fixed - Errors when adding duplicate steps to BOMs/Work Orders not having a clear message.
Fixed - Bulk emailing from the ship doc list used the shipping address email instead of the billing.
Fixed - If a sales order is missing required fields the user will be warned before any payment screen may be opened.
Fixed - Invalid Style Item combinations when saving an update to an existing style.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.15
Added - Export to Excel directly from Item/Customer/Vendor etc.. lists and edit screen into the import template for editing and easy re importing.
Added - Download button on the attachments screen for downloading web based attachments locally.
Added - New setting to leave inactive items off new order being created by duplicating existing orders.
Added - Custom fields can have a number of lines set for multi line entry capabilities.
Added - When reordering to max quantity based on required + reorder amount the system can push the possible stock level past the max quantity based on currently required quantity.
Fixed - Errors when flattening certain work orders.
Fixed - Running a report and cancelling out of a document before the report finishes causes errors.
Fixed - Display issue where changing a total line price on an order and then pressing tab does not update the price per.
Fixed - Auto column sizing making some columns on documents too wide.
Fixed - Type mismatch error when doing a bin move.
Fixed - Screen freeze when creating linked work orders from existing work orders.
Fixed - Swapping vendors on reorder analysis did not update the UOMs/Conversions rates that were on file per vendor.
Fixed - Errors saving that another user edited a record since it was opened for editing when in fact no user did.
Fixed - Long save times when changing promise dates on large orders.
Fixed - Some search filters missing from the vendor list when in lookup mode.
Fixed - Customer Item Price levels not using exchange rates when being sold to customers with foreign currency.
Fixed - InvoiceDueDate field on some reports not correct for date driven terms.
Fixed - PO line item tabbing skips the cost column if certain other columns are shown.
Fixed - Price levels linked to QB not flowing into the sync queue properly.
Fixed - Sales rep name not changing when related vendor/employee/other name is changed.
Fixed - Doc No cannot be found error when opening some ship docs created from customer returns.
Fixed - Errors for certain users when trying to estimate shipping rates.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.14
Fixed - Shipping estimate rates defaulting to multiple packages on quotes/orders.
Fixed - Item type not valid when trying to add a job to a customer return.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.13
Added - Checkbox on location to include/exclude their quantities from the main item list.
Added - Preference to ignore Quickbooks errors stating that a user has updated the information in QB.
Added - Payments can be added to invoiced ship docs.
Added - Ship doc ref editable even after invoiced/shipped.
Added - Preference to hide standard cost and discount on the PO.
Added - Linked ship docs/customer returns on the ship doc/customer return screen.
Added - Allow payments to be processed in the gateway even after posting to QB.
Fixed - Handshake errors when getting UPS rates.
Fixed - Leave the ship doc # off the invoice memo in QB if the invoice # matches the ship doc #.
Fixed - Errors trying to create vendor returns from Repair Order.
Fixed - Linked sales orders created from Repair Orders not showin in the list of linked documents.
Fixed - Payments with open amounts when the entire payment has been used.
Fixed - PO statuses on sales orders not showing fully received when it is in fact fully received.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.12
Added - New preference to allow item costs per vendor to be entered in the purchased as measure cost.
Added - View Line #s on documents.
Added - Currency and Exchange rate columns available on all document lists.
Fixed - Package Type assigned to item not showing in the Shipping Estimator when launched from the Sales Order.
Fixed - Package Type weight added to weight total in Shipping Estimator.
Fixed - Cannot delete default form values assined to customers/vendors.
Fixed - Discounts not calculating properly for some customers.
Fixed - Custom fields for kit selection items not editable.
Fixed - Repair Orders sent to QB not picking up the proxy items.
Fixed - Back Order column on sales order not updating as quantities are entered.
Fixed - Error adding new yes/no items to kits on the fly.
Fixed - Foreign currency prices on quote using price levels changes with exchange rate update.
Fixed - Changing the cost on a sales order updates the cost to keep the discount the same when the discount is what should be changing.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.11
Fixed - Division by zero error on order with $0 totals and discounts assigned.
Fixed - Overflow error after selecting a group on the item screen.
Fixed - Consignment customers not loading.
Fixed - Shift+Z shortcut preventing capital Z from being type on screens.
Fixed - Adding a new attribute to a style making inactive styles active again.
Fixed - Emails unable to send from the list without an email assigned to the customer account.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.10
Added - Option to copy parent customer shipping addresses when setting a parent to a customer/job.
Added - Payments/refunds can be added to read only ship docs/returns.
Added - Option to add a customer/job column on the item grid for POs and Receive Item documents to assign a customer/job to each line item.
Added - Lead Time optional column on the sales order.
Added - Ability to turn report data fields into live, clickable links when exporting the report to PDF.
Fixed - Error when trying to save changes to a sales rep.
Fixed - Errors when deleting contacts.
Fixed - One time components not getting the correct quantity during the flatten process.
Fixed - Line items on POs for foreign currency not having correct costs.
Fixed - Error when clicking the column headers on the PO screen.
Fixed - Linked documents on some repair orders incorrect.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.7
Added - Price levels for purchasing. Overall Vendor Discounts, Vendor Volume Percentage Discounts and Vendor Volumes Amount Discounts.
Added - Audit Trail report listing all additions, modifications and deletions of major entities and documents.
Added - Reorder Points/Reorder Amounts/Max Quantities per item per location.
Added - Default weight property for Package Types.
Added - Auto Generate UCC code preference for creating new packages.
Added - Auto generate packages preference when filling a sales order.
Added - Available Quantity column added to the component list when editing an item.
Added - Edit BOM icon to easily edit sub assembly BOMs directly from the top level assembly item editing screen.
Added - Right click components that are sub assemblies when editing a BOM to drill into and edit the sub assembly BOM.
Added - Preference to force users to manage bins every time inventory is being added or removed on documents (shipping, receiving etc...).
Added - Preference to auto build all work orders generated when drilling down. Also available under the Work Order Activities drop down.
Added - Qty Ordered, Qty Received, Back Order columns available on PO List.
Added - Set items to be "Special Order" items. When auto generating POs and adding lines to existing orders, special order items will never be combined with multiple quantities on a single PO line item.
Added - Document grid columns will maintain width after being resized when the screen is closed and reopened, similar to the main lists.
Added - Preference to pop up vendor notes when setting a vendor on a PO and have them copy into the Memo or Internal Notes sections of the PO.
Fixed - Phone #s not being sent to gateways when processing credit cards.
Fixed - "DeleteKit" error when trying to convert a quote with a kit to a sales order.
Fixed - Duplicate Item error when trying to reconcile QB to AO.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.5
Added - Import configurations for sales order lines from Excel.
Added - Being Produced On Work Order and Committed columns added to Item List.
Added - Optional preference to require unique customer POs on orders but allow blank customer POs.
Fixed - Error locking credit message when posting invoices with credits applied to Quickbooks.
Fixed - Repair Order list blank for users with locations assigned to them.
Fixed - Payments not syncing over to QB when a sync is done and the preference to send unsent payments is checked.
Fixed - Error creating POs from forecast if the PO has required custom fields.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.4
Added - Kits can be assigned price in price levels.
Added - If scans are done which could match more than one item a list of matching items will show for the user to select from.
Added - Fixed kit components can have multiple fixed items assigned to them.
Added - Import for contacts.
Fixed - When creating a return from a ship doc the ship doc specific shipping address does not transfer over.
Fixed - Handshake errors when getting shipping estimates for UPS shipping services.
Fixed - Caption for ship date changed to Expected Date on Purchase Order screen.
Fixed - On Quote column on the item list not accurate.
Fixed - Errors when trying to make sales reps inactive.
Fixed - Selecting columns on lists with many custom fields means many are not visible.
Fixed - Error about To and From quantities not matching when trying to save a location transfer.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.3
Added - Create Custom Messages for emailing forms and include place holders for data to be populated upon emailing.
Added - Preference to have lot/serial #s scan mode auto on for all documents.
Added - Images can now be added to labels in the same way they are added to other reports.
Fixed - Click Save & New after creating a new lead would jump into the screen to create a new customer instead of a lead.
Fixed - Generating documents that required custom fields from repair orders causing errors.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.2
Added - Styles can have up to 9 attributes.
Fixed - Inactive styles showing in the Add To Open Docs screen.
Fixed - If an item price/cost/inactive status updates outside the style matrix, it will now update the style accordingly.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.1
Fixed - Internal Expression error when opening a count.
Fixed - POTranID error when running some purchasing reports.
Fixed - Items all are shipped error when trying to create new Work Orders from a sales order.
Fixed - Extra charges added to receive items document causes the total to not match the total on the bill generated in Quickbooks.
Fixed - If a line item on a sales order has multiple ship dates custom field data will not copy over to the ship doc it generates.
Fixed - After generating a sales order from a quote any RFQ data for the quote gets removed.
Fixed - Errors when sorting large ship docs by bins.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.2.0
Added - Add up to 8 attributes for styles. Use template items as proxies for styles.
Added - Auto pack generates packages for all items on ship docs.
Added - Filter documents on batch shipping screen by ship method.
Added - Preferences to warn users of out of stock items when converting quotes into orders.
Fixed - Transfering of inventory allocated to work orders not blocked.
Fixed - Components manually added to work orders not getting classes assigned properly.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.98/99
Added - Preference to auto send payments to Quickbooks on sales orders.
Added - Doc No field to SO/PO Excel imports.
Fixed - Lead times for assemblies updated through recalc reorder points not updating make lead times.
Fixed - Some components not reloading properly on Work Order after reloading BOM.
Fixed - $0 shipping charges not posting over a line item onto the invoice in Quickbooks.
Fixed - Scripting error when trying to fill a sales order.
Fixed - Error when deleting dependencies.
Fixed - Not able to select a bin on internal repair orders.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.96/97
Added - Support for integrating shipping systems (UPS, FedEx) to the packages.
Added - Report logging. Use the Record Info button on document to view reports run. Set specific reports to warnt the user if they have been printed previously.
Added - Import shipping instructions on sales documents.
Added - Import item images.
Added - Default Sales Reps per customer shipping address.
Added - Preference to control whether technician notes are posted to repair order invoices in QB.
Fixed - Type mismatch error when opening the packages screen.
Fixed - Invalid quantity errors when adding items to packages.
Fixed - Scanning items on packages screen adds the wrong item to the package.
Fixed - Application defined error when re recording the ledger.
Fixed - Configured BOMs with the same item configured more than once would only be added to the generated work order one time.
Fixed - To Country not getting filled in properly on the shipping estimation screen.
Fixed - Condense Data not working.
Fixed - Recalc Reorder Points report not printing properly.
Fixed - Tab order on packages.
Fixed - Error when modifying internal notes when document is read only.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.95
Added - Preference to assign default account for writing off inventory from repair orders.
Added - When coverting quotes into orders if items are checkmarked only those will convert.
Added - New Lead Contacts report.
Added - Repair Order items can now be unreceived from the customer.
Added - When updating a used as conversion rate, users will be given the option to have the qty per on BOMs to not recalculate.
Fixed - Command Text error when deleting ship docs with payments applied.
Fixed - Error deleting entities when integrated with Quickbooks Online.
Fixed - Error about missing On Hold column on customer/sales reports.
Fixed - When splitting deposit payments across multiple sales order the applied amounts were not displaying correctly.
Fixed - Divide by zero error when rerecording the ledger.
Fixed - Incorrect payment amounts showing on the ship doc list.
Fixed - Old vendor part #s showing on purchase order reports.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.92/93/94
Added - Class and Group filter to Reorder Analysis and Recalculate Reorder Points screens.
Fixed - Entering lot/serial #s on ship docs getting applied to the first line instead of the current one.
Fixed - Shipping estimator not opening for some non admin users.
Fixed - Work Order Time report includes all data even if time is not yet recorded.
Fixed - Location transfer error about to and from bin quantities not matching.
Fixed - When scanning a lot/serial that has been moved to a new item on a document the user will no longer be asked if they want to use the current item or the old one.
Fixed - Error when generating a customer return from a repair order.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.90/91
Added - Connect All Orders to your accounts for any of the 3 major carriers, UPS, FedEx and Post Office, to enable rate shopping on Sales Orders and Ship Docs. Easily specify which services to be looked up, get the estimates rates, attach All Orders Ship Methods to them and then assign them to the customer order/shipment with optional markups.
Added - Define package/box types with set dimensions for use in the packaging feature on the Ship Doc.
Added - Shipping instructions per customer/order/shipment.
Added - Integrate New All Orders file with Quickbooks Online.
Added - Currency column to the customer list.
Added - Preference to have Make Lead Times get factored into Subassembly work order due dates generated by drilling down.
Added - Preference to have all linked sales order/work order due dates update when a single document due date in the chain is updated.
Fixed - Inability to refund customer credit cards in some circumstances.
Fixed - Some custom fields not copying over from one document to the next when field types do not match.
Fixed - Cost of Linked Shipping not on SD P&L
Fixed - Custom fields from parent item not copying over to children generated by the Style generator.
Fixed - Insufficient Quantity error not specfying which items were causing the error.
Fixed - Quantity errors when trying to create packages for customer returns.
Fixed - Home screen not refreshing if left open.
Fixed - Margin % not correct for some currencies on sales orders after being filled.
Fixed - AFter entering lot/serial #s at times the cursos would end up back in the quantity box and cause issues.
Fixed - Gateway Transactions missing from the report in some cases.
Fixed - Errors when splitting work orders with assigned times.
Fixed - If not tracking expiration dates on lot/serial #s some would be set to an old date instead of the current date behind the scenes causing issues with the system auto picking the oldest lot/serial #s first.
Fixed - Error when creating packages for items with the same lot/serial #s coming from multiple bins.
Fixed - Updating an address on a customer return and select to update the address on file for the customer not working.
Fixed - Applying payments when importing sales order from excel not working properly.
Fixed - Deleting payments not removing the associated payment from Quickbooks in certain situations which could lead to orphaned payments or duplicate payments.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.89
Added - Preference to turn off syncing of default item classes with QB.
Fixed - Trying to reopen a repair order that has been sent to QB requires closing and reopening the repair order.
Fixed - Object variable error when importing ship docs from Excel.
Fixed - P & L reports for shipping showing odd costs on same day shipments.
Fixed - Error when importing some item custom fields.
Fixed - Nothing happens when the fill button is clicked on a sales order.
Fixed - Cannot enter a vendor cost for an item over $9,999.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.87/88
Added - Ability to scan GS1 barcodes into the system.
Added - Preference to group items originating from sales order kits into kits on the ship doc as well.
Added - Preference to limit the serial #s show available for repair on repair orders to those sold to the selected customer.
Added - Preference to block kits from shipping partial.
Added - Prompt the user on a Repair Order if some items with estimated quantities never had actual quantities filled in.
Added - Preferences for the sales order, ship doc and work order lists to only have it go back a certain # of months even when looking at closed documents.
Added - Preference to sync default item classes.
Added - Required column added to the components list on the Item Info screen.
Fixed - Enter By field on the Transfer was not auto populating.
Fixed - After a Repair Order is closed items to be used in the repair that were left open with estimated amount still showed as required on some screens/reports.
Fixed - No reports on the sales rep profile list screen.
Fixed - Payments switching from Credit Card to Cash type after the card is charged.
Fixed - Extra preventitive measures in place to prevent duplicate payments from making it into QB.
Fixed - Assigning times on Work Orders not always saving properly.
Fixed - Total amount at the bottom of the Receive Items screen cutoff on some resolutions.
Fixed - Item Info button on purchasing alerts page not working.
Fixed - Some items missing from the purchasing alerts page.
Fixed - Overflow error when closing a repair order.
Fixed - Batch ship list not updating if left opening while doing multiple batch shipments.
Fixed - Lines on transfers with 0 quantity can now be saved for pending transfers.
Fixed - The exclude checkbox on the reports filtering screen tweaked to accept user input more easily.
Fixed - Error when trying to create a ship doc from a customer return about not being able to add lines that were not ordered.
Fixed - Error if classes are assigned to items in All Orders but class tracking was not turned on in QB.
Fixed - When reloading a BOM on a Work Order at times some parts would not reload.
Fixed - Errors when trying to ship items with conversion rates that caused decimal issues to think more than what was ordered was being shipped.
Fixed - Discount amounts not sticking when copying some sales orders.
Fixed - Error when scanning on a customer return about there not being enough inventory.
Fixed - Bins still showing in some lists even after being made inactive.
Fixed - Duplicate lot/serial # error when creating a customer return from a Repair Order.
Fixed - Vendor costs not being applied to new POs created from the reorder analysis screen in rare cases.
Fixed - Incorrect expiration dates showing in the Gateway Transactions Report.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.82/83/84/85/86
Added - Use average lead time when recalculating reorder points.
Added - Performance increase on various lists and reports.
Added - Repair Order Problem Codes report.
Added - Preference to no longer prompt a user to update addresses on file when updating an address on a document.
Added - Currencies can be specified when processing payments.
Added - Create packages for items being shipped on shipping documents and print manifests and labels for the packages.
Added - Tax codes added for shipping and discounts on Sales Order Excel import template.
Added - Internal notes to PO/Receive Items documents.
Added - When importing serial #s from Excel if the item column is blan it will import for the current item.
Added - Scan by lot/serial # on the Vendor Return document.
Added - Send emails from the PO/SO/Ship Doc/Receive Items lists.
Added - Preference to determine whether billing or shipping emails are used when emailing out forms.
Added - Specify custom messages that should be used as the body when emailing out forms and reports.
Added - Assign default expiry date when entering/scanning lot #s.
Added - Negative numbers can be assigned as Make Times for backdating work orders.
Added - Classes post to the line item created on invoices for the ship method selected on a ship doc.
Added - Option to pop up customer notes when assigning a customer on an order.
Added - Flatten feature performance increased.
Added - When receiving, if the item is assigned a default bin but the bin is in a different location, if the current location has a bin with the same name it will be used.
Added - Default classes assigned to items sync with QB.
Added - Document saving performance and stability enhanced.
Added - Ability to send Work Orders and Adjustments to QB as checks.
Added - Open bin move screen from the lot/serial # list on the item info screen.
Added - New volume price level that uses percentages instead of amounts.
Added - Scan by lot/serial # on the location transfer.
Added - Sales Order Item custom fields, shipping tax code, discount tax code to the sales order Excel import template.
Added - Internal Notes column added to ship doc list.
Added - Ship Doc Ref column to repair order list.
Fixed - Every line must contain at least one ship date error when saving a PO.
Fixed - Customer return generated from repair order not picking up the price the item was originally sold for.
Fixed - Custom fields on get available lot/serial #s screen may not be visible.
Fixed - Error when changing the quantity of a configured assembly on a sales order.
Fixed - When setting a price for an overall kit in the price levels it did not get applied.
Fixed - Payments taken on sales orders not syncing properly.
Fixed - Ship docs/Receive items not converting through exchange rates properly at times.
Fixed - 0 quantity components used on repair orders could cause inventory discrepancies.
Fixed - That name already exists error when opening a PO.
Fixed - Emails not going over to Shiprush properly.
Fixed - Columns on the Reorder Analysis screen sort properly.
Fixed - Invoice totals off by a penny from the ship doc.
Fixed - Sales Order list speed increased.
Fixed - Non US versions of QB can now sync price levels.
Fixed - Average costs for items received with purchase as conversion rates incorrect until synced with QB.
Fixed - Ship Doc P & L has no costing for Job items if run from the Report list.
Fixed - Invalid us of null error when using the Find feature.
Fixed - Object variable or With block variable not set when closing ship docs or sales orders.
Fixed - Read only error on sales orders when trying to approve and no changes are made.
Fixed - This item requires a lot or serial # when filling a sales order.
Fixed - Package # on large transfers not correct.
Fixed - Sales Order lines not showing the correct shipped/committed quantities.
Fixed - Subscript out of range error after adding a price level.
Fixed - Only items that can be sold should show on price levels.
Fixed - Crash of trying to add a problem code when the user does not have rights.
Fixed - Rounding on the reorder analysis if the item has a purchased as conversion rate.
Fixed - Made the select columns screen for lists sizable.
Fixed - In active items that are in fact still required were not showing up when running the reorder analysis.
Fixed - Disassembly not allocating costs properly based on the average cost of the Assembly being disassembled.
Fixed - Printing Styles.
Fixed - Sales and Make Lead times not displaying properly when editing items.
Fixed - Auto allocate adding to existing ship doc regardless of fill preferences.
Fixed - Invalid Applied To message when trying to post a payment to QB.
Fixed - When auto filling serials #s may not pull from the correct bin.
Fixed - Error message on the repair order saying there is not enough quantity to allocate when there is.
Fixed - All Orders and QB round invoices differently when there is extra precision.
Fixed - Duplicate item error after saving and trying to reopen a document.
Fixed - Update addresses on open document question when a new address is being added.
Fixed - Date on Item Info Transaction List not sortable by date .
Fixed - SMTP emails not working for some providers.
Fixed - Purchase order custom fields with lengths over 50 characters not saving all characters.
Fixed - Error about not having enough inventory when processing a credit card when negative inventory is allowed.
Fixed - Error when duplicating an item with customer #s.
Fixed - Error after adding a new contact to a customer, saving, updating the contact info and then saving again.
Fixed - Custom field values being removed after changing the length of a custom field.
Fixed - Invalid index error when adding a price level.
Fixed - Parts of shipping addresses not saving on a ship doc.
Fixed - Object variable error on location info screen.
Fixed - Required quantity on reorder analysis did not include repair orders.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.81
Added - List of items on receiving documents and vendor returns will be limited by vendor if the preference to limit item available on POs by vendor is turned on.
Added - Preference to control whether All Orders should do extra checks when posting/deleting transactions to and from QB to attempt to prevent duplicates.
Fixed - Value adjustments showing incorrect values in QB when being dated to dates where the inventory was remove on the same day.
Fixed - Incorrect tax calculation after opening existing quotes/orders/ship docs and changing ship tos.
Fixed - Error when trying to open leads from the lead list.
Fixed - If a work order document is open and then a disassembly is opened the work order reports still show.
Fixed - Null error when invoicing a ship doc.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.79/80
Added - Customers can now have 30 custom fields.
Fixed - Customer #s not showing correct # when multiple #s for the same item and same customer.
Fixed - Sales taxes incorrect on some documents.
Fixed - Sales tax code for freight not going to invoice correctly.
Fixed - Payment amount changing when exchange rate changes on a document.
Fixed - Address phone/email not filling in correctly on sales orders.
Fixed - Sales tax error when saving ship docs/sales orders when using non US versions os Quickbooks.
Fixed - Ship doc item custom fields not saving.
Fixed - Subscript error when invoicing a ship doc.
Fixed - Bins not being removed from ship doc after being deleted and saved.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.78
Added - Repair orders can be NC Only.
Added - Preference to update the payment date when a payment is captured to the current date.
Added - Negative prices can be set on kits being added to orders.
Added - When changing the on file address for a customer the user is asked if they want to update the associated address on all open documents.
Added - Sales reps added to the repair order.
Added - New preference to allow new lines to be added to receiving document and shipping documents even if deny quantity being more than order is turned on.
Added - Increased performance for syncing large lists of customer and items with Quickbooks.
Added - New preference to not auto fill only items that have lot/serial # tracking when filling sales orders.
Added - Users will be warned if undoing a transaction from Quickbooks and All Orders is unable to find/remove the document from Quickbooks to prevent duplicates.
Added - New scan mode on ship docs to scan lot/serial #s directly.
Added - Default CC and BCC email addresses can be setup when using the All Orders SMTP emailing feature.
Added - New Inventory Valuation with WIP report
Added - New YTD Sales Report
Added - Saves for sales orders, purchase orders, ship docs and receiving documents have been made more stable and efficient.
Added - Recalculate Reorder Points report reworked to include more complete set of data.
Added - User preferences for Production and Purchasing alerts to show when logging in.
Fixed - Error when two users are creating new consignments and the second user tries to press save after the first user presses save.
Fixed - Error when trying to restock a line on a consignment about it being inactive when it is in fact active.
Fixed - Link in the item info screen cutting into item images.
Fixed - Saving a new gateway in the gateway profile list does not work until Save & New is clicked.
Fixed - Warranty not auto filling when lot/serial #s are auto filled when shipping.
Fixed - Properties list on the report design cannot be resized.
Fixed - Puchase order item list unaccessible when the PO is read only.
Fixed - When a repair order is printed it is auto saved.
Fixed - Some drop downs made wider.
Fixed - When a price level was added/modified it was not added to an open repair order's price level drop down.
Fixed - When generating documents from the repair order all items were added even if only specific items were checked.
Fixed - Quickbooks saying All Orders is still logged in when trying to log out of QB even though All Orders is not.
Fixed - Currency/exchange rates not syncing with Quickbooks properly.
Fixed - When reloading a BOM on a work order, one time components would get multiplied incorrectly.
Fixed - Random Object Variable errors on certaing transactions.
Fixed - Fixed location filters set per user not being applied to some reports.
Fixed - Fixed various issues with the new payments feature including sync issues and duplicates being sent to Quickbooks.
Fixed - If a manufacturer part # changes in All Orders and syncing for them is turned on, it will update QB.
Fixed - Fixed value adjustment being sent to QB with line items that have proxies.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.75
Fixed - Error message when filling that the sales order has been modified
Fixed - Unavailable bins not showing on the vendor return when selecting bins
Fixed - Read only error after marking invoicing a ship doc and clicking Save
Fixed - Work order steps out of order after flattening
Fixed - When preference is set to update item costs based on last received cost, even if QB cannot be updated the item will still be updated properly
Fixed - Error with requiring a customer PO to be unique
Fixed - Saving a Canadian sales tax code does not retain all entered info
Fixed - Error when finishing a work order with auto allocate when the system tries to ship the inventory
Fixed - Payments not being pushed into QB as part of the synch when they should be from the sync queue


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.74
Added - Adj # added to the memo of the Bill created in QB
Added - Finishing a work order speed increased
Added - Link to the linked file on the item info screen
Fixed - Existing payments now reflecting in the balances on documents.
Fixed - Duplicate Customer POs allowed even if required to be unique
Fixed - Deficiency quantity on the item info screen not taking in transit into account.
Fixed - Error 9: subscript out of range when opening a sales order
Fixed - Repair order item closed when it did not in fact close properly
Fixed - Shiprush not pulling the correct address information
Fixed - Error when dealing with kits/configs on sales order about inactive item.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.73
Added - Preference to allow duplicate UPC #s
Fixed - Addresses not showing on orders/shipments coming from All Orders Web or Mobile
Fixed - Syntax error when loading reorder analysis from the item list
Fixed - Divide by zero error when trying to send a repair order item back to the customer
Fixed - Conversion error when filling/batching a sales order
Fixed - Emulator URL too short when entering new gateways
Fixed - If customer POs are required to be unique, it only applied to the document type, so a Quote and a Sales Orders can have a matching customer PO
Fixed - Cannot close payment window after opening an existing one to view


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.72
ALL USER UPDATING TO 6.1.72+ THAT HAVE BEEN TAKING PAYMENTS: Please note that there is a new tab on the sales screens for taking new and managing existing payments. Please be sure to read the new help articles in the user's manual to review all the changes to the payments feature.
Added - Ship doc ref # to the repair order.
Fixed - Classes for line items not filling in when receiving from a PO.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.71
Added - Report for recalculated reorder point scenarios.
Added - Report for customer contacts.
Added - Label report for repair orders.
Fixed - Various payment issues and bugs.
Fixed - Aging balances for customers not always up to date.
Fixed - Invalid use of null error on PO.
Fixed - Error on count about other users modifying the count.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.70
Added - Set a default ship from location for drop shipping.
Added - Preference for prev/next arrows to ignore inactive entities.
Added - Preference that for emailing, the email address on file for the related shipping address should be used instead of the billing address.
Added - Preferences for highlighting items based on it falling close to/below the reorder point.
Added - Preference to highlight items in red if the order total will surpass the customer's credit limit.
Added - Preference to highlight items on receving documents if the received amounts do not match the ordered amounts.
Added - Preference to have receiving documents not marked as received by default.
Added - Up to 30 custom fields on POs and receiving documents.
Added - Shared folder option for item images.
Fixed - Various payment related issues.
Fixed - Quantity verification error when changing line item quantities on customer returns.
Fixed - Part item types possible being posted to Quickbook as assemblies.
Fixed - In some cases the receiving documents post to QB without the currency being applied properly.
Fixed - Quickbooks parsing error or internal error when posting invoices or bills/item receipts.
Fixed - Error message "No Item" when trying to fill a sales order.
Fixed - Error messages that other users have modified a Count being worked on when no other user has modified it.
Fixed - Creating a replacement Sales Order from a repair order did not carry through the correct pricing.
Fixed - Error when removing and then readding the same BOM process when editing a BOM and then trying to save.
Fixed - When syncing customer balances, the balance would not always come through correctly when that customer has associated jobs.
Fixed - Not ale to delete ship docs.
Fixed - Adding a new ship address not working.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.69
Added - Ship Doc # column to customer return list.
Fixed - When the preference for new assemblies being created in All Order to be created in Quickbooks as assemblies is turned on, even parts being created in All Orders would be sent to Quickbooks as assemblies.
Fixed - Error creating customer return from a repair order if the NC Only transactions are disabled in the company preferences.
Fixed - Scroll bar disabled on value adjustment when it is read only.
Fixed - Verious minor bugs from the 6.1.68 beta.
Fixed - Error when trying to open an existing or add a new quote.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.68
Added - Export report data to .CSV file.
Added - Preference to require a vendor reference to be entered on the receiving document.
Added - Back Order column added to the purchase order and Ordered column added to the receiving document.
Added - Preference to require sales tax codes on all appropriate transactions.
Added - Multiple gateways can be added to the system using the new Profile List screen for Gateways. Each payment can now be processed through a specific gateway as well.
Added - When using the recalculate reorder points feature, repair order usage can be taken into account as well.
Added - New preference to block the syncing of All Orders and Quickbooks addresses.
Added - When filtering for a specific location on the reorder analysis, new purchase orders created will use that location.
Added - When generating work orders for items with make times, the due date on newly created work orders will take the make time and business days only into account.
Added - Tax codes for shipping charges and discount on sales order and ship docs can now be changed per document.
Added - Record Info button on the customer/vendor/item screens.
Added - Tech notes/Description added to the memo field when repair orders are sent to Quickbooks.
Added - When a payment is captured the payment date will update to the date of the capture.
Added - Pressing the Enter key when in the search entry field on a list in lookup mode will now trigger a search.
Added - Address line 4 for customers now being sent when creating an invoice in Quickbooks.
Added - Preference to have the check box on the payments screen to send the payment to Quickbooks when the sales order is saved to always be checked by default.
Added - Columns for showing the line items on the sales order and purchase order lists.
Added - Link added to the ship doc to view tracking information for the entered tracking number on the web.
Added - Convert a customer return into a new ship doc.
Added - Ship method field added to the Repair Order.
Added - Sales Tax Country and Tax Reg. Number added to the customer editing screen for users of non-US versions of Quickbooks.
Added - If items are added to a sales order or ship doc that have assigned customer numbers, a new column will appear on the line item entry grid to show the customer numbers.
Added - Change UOM feature for line items now available on the purchase order and receiving document.
Added - New expected date field added to the receiving document.
Added - When reloading the pricing on a sales order, standard prices and costs will be reloaded as well.
Added - Customers and Vendors can be assigned default forms for printing/emailing various documents.
Added - Customer shipping/billing addresses are now unique per transactions. If an address is changed on a specific document the user will be asked whether the on file address should be changed as well.
Added - Accept multiple payments on sales order and ship docs. Change where payments and credit from customer returns are applied through the new Customer Payments/Credit screen. Accept refunds on customer returns. Payments can now be marked as NC Only.
Added - Ability to copy a price level.
Added - Bins worksheet added to the location Excel import template.
Added - Assign terms on POs/Receiving Documents.
Added - Ctrl+Q shortcut added for saving the current document.
Added - Entered By on all documents will auto fill witht he current user's username.
Added - Buttons for the info screens on all entity editing screens.
Added - Specify which custom fields defined for line items should show directly on the line item entry grid on documents such as the sales order and purchase order. Applies to the lot/serial # screens, multiple ship date screens and multiple ship to screens as well.
Added - (Advanced Users) Ability to pass database name when calling custom commands from All Orders and using multiple company files.
Fixed - When using the preference to get the last price an item was sold at when selling it again, if a foreign exchange rate was applied it was not taken into account.
Fixed - If adding/updating a vendor and an error occurred when sending it to QB, the vendor would not be able to be saved again even if the error was fixed.
Fixed - When remove a line on a receiving document with associated lot/serial #s, the lot/serial #s could get stuck on a new line that is added to replace the old one.
Fixed - Default warranty info not auto populating on lot/serial #s.
Fixed - Repair Orders not being included when syncing with the Sync All Open Transactions preference is turned on.
Fixed - UPC codes can no longer be duplicated.
Fixed - Bin move screen crashes when selecting an item and then deleting it to select another.
Fixed - User Access Violation when trying to add items from the style list to a quote/order.
Fixed - Accounts associated with payment methods assigned to ship docs not carrying over properly when sending the ship doc to Quickbooks.
Fixed - Primary Key violation error when batch shipping.
Fixed - When filling a sales order, in some cases the sold as conversion rate was not being taken into account.
Fixed - When using the Add SO feature on the ship doc, the available column was not being loaded properly for the added line item.
Fixed - Allowed to delete documents that will cause inventory to go negative when Allow Negative Inventory is turned off.
Fixed - Sales Tax Code column not importing on the customer excel import template properly.
Fixed - Users with read only access can unship a ship doc.
Fixed - When using the kit configuration screen on the sales order, if configurations are made and then a new selection is added, the configuration would reset back to base.
Fixed - If a sales order is generated from a repair order using the Return & Replace repair type, it would always trigger the batch shipment screen instead of filling directly to a ship doc.
Fixed - When adding items to open documents from a list, if one of the documents open is read only it will block the user from adding the items to other open documents.
Fixed - Duplicate Item error message when trying to open a receiving document.
Fixed - Shipping method field not saving on the receiving document.
Fixed - Error when converting some leads into customers.
Fixed - Some Manufacturer Part #s not saving properly.
Fixed - Bills created in Quickbooks from repair orders not costing out properly.
Fixed - Getting the next lot/serial # for some items not taking into account the preferences setup for where to get the next number from.
Fixed - If an item has a quantity in stock that is reserved by a specific order, if another order tries to take other available stock in a separate location, the existing dependency might interfere with it and block the filling of the order.
Fixed - When auto fill on shipping is off and the preference for only add items to existing unshipped ship docs for the current order is selected, a new ship doc is created anyways.
Fixed - Must hide or close topmost modal form first error message.
Fixed - When quantities on orders are split between multiple ship to addresses/ship to dates the volume discounts are not applied properly.
Fixed - Part Of column remove from lot/serial # entry screen on the receiving document.
Fixed - Information cutoff in the margin tab on the sales order screen.
Fixed - Unique Key error when syncing payments to Quickbooks.
Fixed - Newly added work order steps going out of order.
Fixed - Repair History for some lot/serial #s not showing complete history on the repair order.
Fixed - Proxy item not showing properly after using the Save & New button.
Fixed - Type Mismatch error when trying to restart a work order.
Fixed - User that are disconnected from QB were unable to undo an invoice if a payment was associated with the ship doc.
Fixed - Filter set on the batch shipping screen not registering properly causing unwanted ship docs to be generated.
Fixed - When using the consignment feature, assigning a single location to multiple customers for consigning caused errors on the consignment screen.
Fixed - Sales order lines not showing the correct shipped quantity.
Fixed - When requiring customer #s, items without customer #s are still able to be shipped.
Fixed - Repair Order List report modified so when exported there are no duplicates.
Fixed - Allocated inventory that has not yet gone into production on Work Orders showed up as timing differences when running reconciliation reports.
Fixed - Open amount on the sales order list not taking into account items that are manually cleared and closed.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.65
Fixed - Prompted to confirm resetting transactions when saving.
Fixed - Item grid on the ship doc becomes read only while adding lines.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.64
Added - Increased the description for lot/serial #s to be 1,000 characters.
Added - Select/Deselect all when right clicking on the list of sales order to add to a ship doc.
Added - Speed increases for sorting ship doc line items by bin.
Fixed - Inventory in RMA in available bins in unavailable warehouses being subtracted from Available qty incorrectly.
Fixed - Items not showing on the reorder analysis.
Fixed - Total BOM cost on the item list different than on the item editing screen.
Fixed - Error when calculating purchasing plans on the Forecast.
Fixed - Line item descriptions not importing when importing sales orders from Excel.
Fixed - Work Orders not being sent to QB when syncing open transactions.
Fixed - NCOnly field not being imported when importing ship docs from Excel.
Fixed - Various Repair Order issues.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.63
Added - Increased the maximum length of the description/comments for lot/serial #s
Fixed - Item grid freezes when entering items on certain transactions
Fixed - "Method '~' of object '~' failed" error when entering components on a Work Order
Fixed - Copying a sales order or work order would not maintain correct pricing/costing
Fixed - Error message when putting 4,000+ characters in a custom field with an unlimited length


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.62
Added - Repair Orders, a brand new feature in All Orders! Now you can manage all repair related services in one screen. Track repair statuses, problem codes, services rendered, warranty information and more!
Added - Preference to have every new item added track lot/serial #s by default.
Added - Start typing on any price level item list to initiate a search.
Added - A preference to hide the price level drop down on the sales order screen to increase speed.
Added - Price column added to the Item Markup price level screen.
Added - Support for payment gateway Bluepay added.
Added - Ability to print sales order related forms from the batch shipment screen.
Added - Preference to map a custom field from All Orders to set the Shiprush payment type.
Added - Specify, on a customer by customer basis, to limit items available to sell to items with customer numbers for that customer.
Added - A URL can be specified for calling the Authorize .Net gateway to allow the use of other gateways that have an Authorize .Net emulator.
Added - Orders and customer can now be put on hold. In addition, users can be assigned the rights to manage holds.
Added - Preference for controlling how to fill lot/serial #s when getting available expanded.
Added - Changing qty on a sales order for a line that has a linked Work Order that has been drilled down
Added - Preference to control whether or not the vendor part # column shows on the PO/Receiving doc.
Added - Preference to control whether new assemblies added in All Orders are sent to QB as parts or assemblies.
Added - Various fields to various reports.
Added - Checkbox on the rerecord screen to turn off the All Orders
Added - Preferences to turn on class tracking for work orders and receiving documents.
Added - Custom fields can now be an unlimited size.
Added - Multiple attachments can now be added at one time with the Ctrl/Shift keys.
Fixed - Item grid freezing after entering lot/serial #s for items on the inventory transfer screen.
Fixed - When duplicating sales orders, the old sales order may have had a line dissapear.
Fixed - Minor rounding issues on a ship doc after filling a sales order.
Fixed - Kit pricing after price levels not rounding correctly in some cases.
Fixed - Error 457: this key is already associated with an element of this collection when creating a drop ship a PO.
Fixed - All Orders crashes when entering an incorrect Invoice Send Method on the customer screen.
Fixed - Quantity discrepancy after doing a condense data.
Fixed - SO, PO, Estimate import from QB based on their transaction date, not date last modified.
Fixed - Duplicate serial #s show on custom return reports.
Fixed - Splitting a WO linked to a PO
Fixed - Contacts phone/fax # switching places.
Fixed - Error when setting up SMTP email setting on machines with foreing languages set.
Fixed - When auto allocating it did not take preferences for how to fill orders onto ship docs into account.
Fixed - No warning when over scanning a lot/serial #.
Fixed - When taking a payment on a sales order with an exchange rate and then filling it after the exchange rate had changed, the amount paid would no longer be accurate.
Fixed - Items with 0 quantity showing on the reorder analysis when reordering for deficieny.
Fixed - Blank error message when deleting a value adjustment.
Fixed - Allowed to save receiving documents with all lines having 0 qty.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.60/61
Added - Customers and Sales Orders can be placed on hold.
Added - New preference to be warned when a ship doc is saved with any line items with a 0 quantity.
Added - Set custom fields to be required to be filled in.
Added - Proxy items can now have names up to 150 characters.
Fixed - If running reorder analysis for items using reorder amount + deficiency, if there is not deficiency the reorder amount only will be used.
Fixed - Work Orders generated for Configued BOMs included options that were not selected on the sales order.
Fixed - "Cannot convert date to nvarchar" error message.
Fixed - Item list on the ship doc freezing after entering lot/serial #s.
Fixed - Pricing not working properly for Yes/No options on configured BOMs.
Fixed - "Object doesn't support this property or method" message when adding/saving lot/serial #s.
Fixed - Carrauge returns not staying in email signature.
Fixed - Discounts tax codes not being applied to tax calculation properly.
Fixed - Receiving document line item costs lowered after enter additional charges on the document and saving.
Fixed - Locations available to add to item list restricted to active location.
Fixed - Importing sales order with AddNonExistingAddress set to true would overwrite customer's default addresses.
Fixed - Bin field on the PO report.
Fixed - Error overflow on reorder analysis.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.59
Added - Import currency price levels
Added - Auto fill in percentage based price levels like other price levels
Added - Email signature to the SMTP email preferences
Fixed - Error when opening the item list or sales order
Fixed - DocNo error when finalizing a consignment
Fixed - Lot/Ser custom field data being cut off after 50 characters
Fixed - Inactive styles showing on add to open doc screen from style list
Fixed - Error when loading reorder analysis
Fixed - Speed issues after adding/editing an item
Fixed - Quickbooks invoice lines out of order
Fixed - Work in progress report not showing all processes on a work order
Fixed - With Allow Negative Inventory on and auto fill qty on ship, some lines would not ship complete
Fixed - Count very slow to load


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.58
Added - Lists can be set to be in "Lookup Mode" which will prevent the entire list from loading, but rather allow the list to be searched based on specific criteria instead.
Added - Bin move screen for easily moving inventory between bins.
Added - The ability to make a bin inactive.
Added - View addresses on the ship doc screen just like the sales order screen.
Added - All major documents can now have unlimited files attached to them. Attachments can also be auto copied and stored in a central repository.
Added - If using Shiprush, new preferences for updating the weight and number of packages from Shiprush.
Added - Forecasts can be generated based on past usage history instead of importing from Excel.
Added - Customer A/R now shows current balances separately.
Added - Vendor part # to the receiving document screen.
Added - When a scan is done on a count the correct line will be highlighted and brought to the user's attention.
Added - New columns on the item list to view quantities in each location.
Added - Lot/serial # entry will show on the work order as soon as the produced box is clicked.
Added - Terms can be added by users that are disconnected from Quickbooks.
Added - Preference to maintain the currently selected item when sorting lists.
Added - Setup SMTP email information to send email without using Outlook.
Added - When a user that is also a rep creates a customer it will auto assign them as the rep.
Added - The vendor part # on the PO/Receiving document are editable.
Added - Reports for payments and gateway transactions (if processing credit cards in All Orders).
Added - Default discount to the customer list.
Added - The ability to assign kit components to have percentage based quantities which will calculate actual quantities based on an overall quantity entered on the sales order. Specialized for the flower/assortments industry. Call support for more information on this feature.
Added - A lead status can now be set as the default.
Added - Manufacturer part # to the receiving reports.
Added - New purchasing report.
Added - If a vendor part # is updated on a PO or receiving doc the system will ask if you want to update it for all future documents as well.
Added - Total costs for kits on sales orders.
Added - Lot/Serial #s can now have up to 30 custom fields.
Fixed - If a discount amount is directly entered the amount will no longer fluctuate based on the percentage if individual line item prices are changed. Instead the amounts entered will stick.
Fixed - Random Beginsession error when connecting to Quickbooks.
Fixed - When shipping an item the system will look for available in other bins if the default item bin is empty.
Fixed - Error when importing ship doc with specific payment methods.
Fixed - Ship docs not rounding some quantities/prices correctly.
Fixed - Error when changing a kit selection price.
Fixed - Price level import for percentages not taking in the percentages with the correct precision.
Fixed - Work Orders with $0 totals did not show up in some reports.
Fixed - Preference to get exact quantity when getting available for a lot/serial # on the ship doc.
Fixed - Deleting custom fields not working.
Fixed - Overflow error when designing some labels.
Fixed - Error when clicking Cascade on the item group's screen.
Fixed - Duplicate lot/serial # errors when no in fact a duplicate.
Fixed - Error when scanning onto a transfer or customer return.
Fixed - Tabbing on a sales order over an item with no price will give the next line the previous lines cost.
Fixed - Paste function was broken in certain fields.
Fixed - Some decimal formatting on the item info screen.
Fixed - Sale rep filters not working on some shipping reports.
Fixed - Precision issues when updating kit pricing.
Fixed - Blank error message when charging a credit card.
Fixed - ##TempCustomerOrder error when opening a ship doc.
Fixed - Production report showing incorrect quantities.
Fixed - Available qty and volume discounts not changing after updating the UOM on the sales order.
Fixed - Read only error when splitting a work order.
Fixed - Date sorting on the customer info screen.
Fixed - Payment from Sales Order not showing on the ship doc form.
Fixed - Various sales order reports sped up.
Fixed - Certain discounts not rounding properly.
Fixed - Default report not working for the items.
Fixed - Error when updating qty on a sales order and trying to roll it through to the associated work order.
Fixed - Bad error message when trying to ship a sales order with no ship method when ship methods have since been made a requirement.
Fixed - Sped up saving large documents.
Fixed - Receiving list IN QB filter not filtering correctly.
Fixed - When duplicating sales or purchase orders custom fields duplicate as well.
Fixed - If a customer is generated from a lead the lead will now be set to inactive.
Fixed - ETA for PO on the item info now based on the unique ship date of the PO line item not the ship date of the overall PO.
Fixed - Invalid object ##tempinv error on sales order.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.51
Added - Even when duplicate serial #s are not allowed, a vendor return will allow the serial # to be entered and existing serial #s will no longer be able to be adjusted into inventory.
Added - Various fields added to the sales order, quote, inventory valuation, transfer, pick ticket, work order, and value adjustment forms/reports.
Added - Enhanced user security for specifying rights to more areas of the system.
Added - New preferences for how to handle filling shipping document individually and in batch.
Added - Preference to remove or leave line breaks in item description when adding items to a sales order.
Added - Customer Ship To Address custom fields will copy to the sales order custom fields of the same name.
Added - Preference to mark a ship doc as shipped after using Shiprush.
Added - Preference to show average cost on the sales order.
Added - Negative amounts can be entered when adding costs to a receiving document.
Added - Ability to add new terms in All Orders.
Added - Preference to suppress sync messages.
Added - User based preference to skip previews and either go direct to selecting a printer or direct to printing from the default printer.
Added - Create and manage leads. Convert existing leads into customers at which point the customer can be sent to Quickbooks. A new Lead Status profile list has been added as well.
Fixed - Random rounding issues where totals were off by a penny or other small amounts.
Fixed - Error when sorting alpha on the sales order.
Fixed - Incorrect totals on the indented BOM reports.
Fixed - Error when scanning barcodes for specific items.
Fixed - Vendor not updating on the reorder analysis after selecting a new one.
Fixed - Consignment not validating quantities when using the down arrow to move between fields.
Fixed - Vendor Part # not showing on the PO screen until after a PO is saved and then reloaded.
Fixed - Crashing when using the Internal Notes button on the Ship Doc.
Fixed - Error when deleting a scenario from the reorder point recalculator.
Fixed - Inactive price levels showing in the pricing drop down on the sales order screen.
Fixed - Error when importing certain items into All Orders through Excel.
Fixed - Certain costs/prices visible to users on the info screens that were not authorized.
Fixed - International addresses get messed u
Fixed - Available-SO column on the sales order not updating when Change UOM is used.
Fixed - Max Characters error when selecting a customer on a sales order.
Fixed - Error when duplicating a sales order with a kit.
Fixed - Clicking on the kit icon on a sales order would not open the kit wizard.
Fixed - Overflow error when changing a kit price with a selection having a quantity of zero.
Fixed - Importing sales/purchase orders from QB with lines having a price/cost of zero would use the standard item price/cost instead of the zero.
Fixed - When using the back and forward arrows on a receiving document the Pay To was not always updating.
Fixed - When the Orders/Produced field on the work order get focus the entire value was not being highlighted.
Fixed - New drop downs for selecting reports will no longer have display issues when using multiple monitors.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.50
Added - Vendor Part No column to the PO screen
Fixed - Various issues synchronizing with Quickbooks
Fixed - The "This Order" amount on the check credit screen not aligned properly


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.49
Fixed - Various issues synchronizing with Quickbooks


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.48
Added - New customer based price level, Stacked Percentages. Set a base price level to pull pricing from and then modify that price by various percentages from percentage based price levels stacked together.
Added - Various fields to the Count, Indented BOM reports
Added - Custom fields to customer #s
Added - Internal Notes field to the ship doc
Fixed - Preference to post to Quickbooks costs as entered on adjustments
Fixed - Filtering on the ship method fields of various reports
Fixed - Ship doc ref field not editable
Fixed - Issues connecting to Quickbooks
Fixed - Arithmatic overflow errors on various screens
Fixed - Error adding a step to a Work Order
Fixed - Various issues with the Recalc Reorder Points screen
Fixed - Incorrect quantites for certain items on the Work Order Production report


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.47
Added - Various fields to the Work Order with serial # labels
Added - Purchase Description field to the Inventory Movement Detail report
Added - Custom fields for Customer #s
Added - Notes column for Customer #s
Added - Available-On SO column on the sales order now updates as the order is changed
Added - Item Short Name field to the Item Label
Added - Customer Item By Percentage price level can be setup with the cost as the base as opposed to the price
Added - Auto fill in the Created By field on document with with the name of the user that is currently logged in
Added - Preference to have a new line item created each time an item is scanned on a sales order instead of incrementing the item quantity if it already exists on the order
Added - Item Notes and BOM Instructions can be added as columns on the item list
Added - View linked ship docs, work orders and purchase orders on the sales order screen
Fixed - Subquery error on the item info page
Fixed - OnSalesOrder and OnPurchaseOrder fields on inventory status report phased out for new fields
Fixed - Made the list on the Account screen larger
Fixed - Error adding or modifying calculated fields on reports
Fixed - Sorting the quantity column on the count did not use a numeric sort
Fixed - Reorder Point Recalculator not updating all items
Fixed - Reloading current quantities will not update new items added to a count
Fixed - Pick Ticket available was including in transit and RMA quantities
Fixed - Tabbing after adding a kit to a sales order not advancing to the next line
Fixed - Overflow error when editing quantities on reorder analysis when running it for Required


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.46
Added - Enhanced Batch Shipping with negative inventory turned on. Quantities will auto allocate and modifications to allocated quantities will be taken into account.
Added - Preference to ignore "Allow Negative Inventory" preference when auto filling quantities on a ship doc or when batch shipping.
Added - Additional costing subtotals on the Work Order screen.
Added - Update Internal Notes on Sales Orders even after it is read only.
Added - Preference to allow multiple Quotes/Sales Orders to be open at a single time.
Added - Ordered column to the Ship Doc item grid.
Added - Total Amount and Quantity columns to the batch shipping screen.
Added - Value fields added to count reports.
Added - When Batch Shipping new ship doc creation will now add to open ship docs for the same customer regardless of different shipping dates.
Added - Assign an A/R account and bank account to payment methods to default when selecting payments with that method.
Fixed - Error adding new contacts.
Fixed - No line items message when clicking Fill on an open Sales Order.
Fixed - Message about changing kit item prices when the prices were not modified.
Fixed - Sample tracking not showing screen for selecting from multiple samples on the Quote screen.
Fixed - Sample tracking nto always linking the correct sample to the line item based on sample code scanned/entered.
Fixed - Invalid Procedure message when loading scenario in Recalc Reorder Points screen.
Fixed - Work Order list not working for specific users.
Fixed - Error when assigning values to custom field that is a pick list and is mapped to Quickbooks.
Fixed - Sales Order import not importing Entered By field correctly.
Fixed - Error 94 after selecting an assembly on a Work Order.
Fixed - When finalizing a Count the class, memo and enter by field did not transfer to the adjustment that was created.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.45
Added - New price level, specify percentage based markup/markdowns per item per customer
Added - New price level, group multiple customer related price levels together to create aggregate price levels
Added - Import item markup and customer item percentage price levels from Excel
Added - Specify start and end dates for price levels
Added - Manage multiple contacts per customer
Added - Internal Notes field on sales order
Added - Margin/Markup totals on sales order footer
Added - Various fields to the Indented BOM, Inventory Status Details and Inventory Valuation reports
Added - An A/R account can be specified per term. If a ship doc is invoiced with a term that has an associated A/R account, the invoice will be posted to that A/R account
Added - Memo column added to the Work Order list
Added - Lists can now be sorted based on multiple columns. After clicking the first column to sort hold the shift key down on subsequent sort clicks.
Added - Part Of column to the lot/serial # import template
Added - The copy address feature now works even when switching between different customers
Added - If an item does not have any preferred vendors any vendor is available for selection on the reorder analysis screen
Added - Lookup sales transactions from the Find screen via Customer PO
Fixed - After processing credit cards users were not always prompted to update the customers card on file
Fixed - Discrepancies on valuation reports involving very minute fractions
Fixed - Some reports not allowing calculated fields to be created
Fixed - Creating a customer number after creating a transaction did not link it after the fact
Fixed - When copying items with BOMs some of the BOM values were getting rounded
Fixed - Error when discounting an order to zero
Fixed - Error when changing UOM on a sales order
Fixed - Quantity subtotals on the shipping addresses screen of the sales order not updating properly
Fixed - Recalc costs on Work Order not prompting the user to save changes
Fixed - Work Order cost subtotal using the required quantity to calculate instead of allocated quantity
Fixed - Changing a step on the Work Order to one with a new location did not clear quantities


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.44
Added - Terms column made available on the Sales Order list.
Added - Hosted Item Images can now be added to reports based on URLs.
Added - Required on Work Order and Required on Receiver reports.
Added - Class importing when importing Sales Orders/Purchase Order from Quickbooks.
Added - Users can now select which field to use to specify how many times a label should repeat.
Added - The ability to print labels in landscape mode.
Added - Class column made available on the customer list.
Added - Margin/Markup total on the Sales Order screen.
Fixed - Error creating children assemblies when the parent assembly was originally created in Quickbooks.
Fixed - Scanning lot/serial #s would start with a quantity of 0 instead of 1 when shipping.
Fixed - Error message about certani 3rd party components not being properly licensed.
Fixed - The message 'A transaction that has a related dependency to this one has been changed' when the related transaction was in fact not changed.
Fixed - Error message 'This key is already associated with an element of this collection' when creating linked POs/WOs.
Fixed - Customer # not being assigned on Sales Orders/Ship Docs properly.
Fixed - When creating a Ship Doc from a Sales Orders and auto filling the quantity items with default bins were not always being assigned to pull from the default bin.
Fixed - Error when recording Work Orders in Quickbooks with components with proxies that are assemblies originally created in Quickbooks.
Fixed - Items appearing to duplicate when printing the consignment worksheet.
Fixed - Adding sub accounts to the chart of Account in All Orders caused errors.
Fixed - Miniscule inventory quantities and values showing on valuation and other inventory reports.
Fixed - Sales Rep filter on the Ship Doc Log report.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.39/40/41/42/43
Added - Create new calculated fields on reports and include them in when totaling
Added - Support for USAePay Gateway
Added - Define and execute windows command from the main entity/transaction screens
Added - Price level drown on sales order take includes additional amounts for up/down grades on configured BOMs
Added - A preference to allow costs that are sent to Quickbooks when generating a bill from and adjustment to use actual costs entered on the adjustment instead of average cost
Added - Check for updates from the help menu in All Orders
Added - Open Amount to the Purchase Order list
Added - Increaed the size of the address area on the Sales Order for easier viewing
Added - If the preference to update costs to last purchase cost is turned on and costs are added to a receiving document after it has been sent to Quickbooks using the Add Costs button, that additional cost will be added to the last purchase cost on file for the item
Added - Work orders can now be drilled down even if component quantities have been allocated
Added - New measures in place to ensure only a single user can be syncing with Quickbooks at a time
Added - Specify the default weight to be used when opening Shiprush
Added - Margin/Markup total on the sales order
Added - Special characters can now be used in All Orders
Added - Custom fields on custom ship to address will now auto fill custom fields of the same name on sales transactions
Added - When searching for a sales transaction on the find screen there is also a ship to filter which can be specified
Added - A preference to turn off drop down filtering on ALL drop downs in the system, not just the item drop down on transactions
Added - When exporting data you can specify if you only want to export the fields which are visible
Added - Preference to block line items from ever being added to existing ship docs, even if they are not marked as shipped
Added - Class to the item list
Added - Preference to not allow credit card payments that are not processed from saving
Added - PO date to the receiving log
Added - SO date to the ship doc log
Added - Custom field data on ship doc now transfers to the customer return
Added - Drop down on the label layout editor to change the data source used to control how many times labels will repeat.
Fixed - Cannot ship more than ordered messaged when scanning a lot # onto a ship doc
Fixed - Incorrect messages when selling a kit to a non default customer shipping address
Fixed - Ship docs printed in batch not being marked as shipped properly when the preference is turned on
Fixed - Clicking Add New on the class drop down of the ship doc sends you to the new item page
Fixed - Customer return blocks adding items with valid customer #s when it should only block items with no valid customer #s
Fixed - Duplicating sales orders with configured BOMs did not calculate the pricing correctly to include up/down grades
Fixed - Clicking Fill on the sales order did not display the credit limit warning
Fixed - When updating the location of the current step/process on a work order with quantity produced already specified the finished good's bin did not display properly
Fixed - Exporting reports to Excel will no longer use any spreadsheet that you have open.
Fixed - Changing the ship to address of a specific line item on a sales order would reset the quantity
Fixed - Save & close when entering new shipping addresses did not save the last change in the grid if the cursor was still in the edit box
Fixed - Sorting lists moved the cursor to the bottom of the list
Fixed - Back orders on sales order reports (Pick List) not printing properly depending on the date
Fixed - Ship docs that shipped sales orders, which did not allow back orders, partially saved without error
Fixed - Inventory Valuation report incorrect on certain small quantities
Fixed - Tabbing through the cost field when editing a BOM would cause an error
Fixed - Quickbooks Merchant Services - invalid amount format when processing a credit card
Fixed - When adding an assembly, with a costing method of cost as entered, as a subassembly on a BOM the cost shown on the BOM was the sum of its components
Fixed - Various Quickbooks related fields being hidden for stand alone All Orders users that do not integrate with Quickbooks
Fixed - Ship doc import did not take into account allow negative inventory
Fixed - When generating new lot/serial #s the current ones entered on the transaction were not being taken into account
Fixed - Negative quantities on certain required fields on the reorder analysis screen
Fixed - If a related sales order and work order are both open and each one has the due date changed and are saved at the same time it would break the relationship
Fixed - Custom batch shipment reports not showing up in the drop down on the batch shipment list screen
Fixed - Various minor bugs with the consignment
Fixed - Entering items/bins/lots in the scan box of the count screen did not work if the case of the charachters did not match
Fixed - No button to close the payment screen if opened after a ship doc has been invoiced.
Fixed - Aging summary in All Orders does not match Quickbooks in some cases
Fixed - If a receiving doc is sent to Quickbooks as an item receipt and then turned into a bill, if at a later time Undo Item Receipt is used in All Orders the bill does not get removed
Fixed - Line item ship to address not populating on some generated sales orders
Fixed - Users that are not allowed to create invoices could still invoice from the shipping list
Fixed - Some Canadian taxes not totaling correctly
Fixed - No error message when doing a price level import and an item is listed which does not exist in the system
Fixed - Tabbing through the PO line items all the way to the bottom does not auto scroll the view down
Fixed - Numbers or spaces used in the caption of a custom fiel for a ship to address caused an error


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.37/38
Added - Limiting items for sale with customer #s now applies to the ship doc and customer return as well
Added - Item custom fields to the Count reports
Added - Added additional reference field mapping for Shiprush
Added - Increased performance for scanning
Added - FIFO Employed now when picking bins.
Added - Additional Shiprush shipping areas.
Added - Volume and Item Volume fields to Ship Doc and Transfer reports.
Added - Currency fields to Sales Order and Purchase Order detail reports.
Added - Custom Lot/Serial fields to Ship Doc/Return/Receiving reports.
Fixed - Keyboard randomly stops working on some screens
Fixed - Sales tax not registering on select items on sales order/ship doc
Fixed - Could not find row to update when opening Company preferences
Fixed - Recalculate reorder points included inactive items
Fixed - Tabbing on a document in Windows 7 would get stuck between the document # and date
Fixed - If no country is entered for Shiprush it will default to US now
Fixed - Back order quantities on certain order report do not match the order screen
Fixed - Unavailable quantities showing as available on the Required by Work Order report
Fixed - Next Seq # for the item could return an item # which already exists
Fixed - Invalid reference to QuickBooks TaxCode "." in non US versions.
Fixed - Work Order available quantites not reloading properly when reseting.
Fixed - Reloading BOM on a Work Order did not reload the original instructions.
Fixed - Info buttons on the Consignment not working.
Fixed - Copying a Sales Order or Purchase Order did not update the ship date.
Fixed - Duplicate Invoices/Bills being generated in Quickbooks due to the originals being deleted and recreated in Quickbooks (Outside of All Orders).
Fixed - Certain In Production quantities not showing as timing differences on the reconciliation report.
Fixed - BOM Cost was visible even for users who were not allowed to view costs.
Fixed - In some cases currencies no converting properly when invoices are sent to Quickbooks until a sync takes place.
Fixed - In certain instances scanning serial #s for items added to Ship Docs through the Add SOs button caused errors.
Fixed - Object Variable error when creating new jobs in All Orders.
Fixed - UI issues when loading Recalculate Reorder Points screen with large lists of items.
Fixed - Check #s for payments taken were being transferred from Sales Orders to Ship Docs.
Fixed - Incorrect rounding when applying Volume Discount price levels.
Fixed - Importing negative prices and freight amounts on the Sales Order import.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.36
Added - Weights added to Sales Order form.
Added - Enhanced mapping for Shiprush.
Added - Item import template can now be used to serialze previously unserialized items.
Added - Enhanced credit limit checking to include new custom fields such as aged AR for the custom. Also available on the customer info screen.
Added - ItemGroup field added to the inventory valuation report to allow for filtered valuation report based on specific item groups.
Fixed - Prevent the occurence of Error 2016 on Report Designs.
Added - CustomerType field added to Sales Order Ship Dates report.
Added - The preference to send open payment from sales orders to Quickbooks when syncing has been separate from the preference to send open transactions when syncing. Now transactions can still be sent over with the sync while payment on sales orders can stay in the All Orders until the invoice is sent to Quickbooks.
Fixed - Performance and accuracy of available quantities.
Fixed - Enhanced stability of the report designer.
Fixed - Long addresses not matching up in Quickbooks to the way they were entered in All Orders.
Fixed - The main filter at the top of lists did not save its state when the list would be closed.
Fixed - Error when syncing transactions with payments taken prior to version 6.1.33.
Fixed - Payments taken on Sales Orders not getting applied properly to the invoices created in Quickbooks.
Fixed - Syntax error when trying to invoice a ship doc with many line items.
Fixed - After deleting a default vendor from an item, it would come back after syncing.
Fixed - Cancelling out while editing custom fields with pick list left only the last value in the pick list unless the custom field editor was closed and reopened.
Fixed - Assemblies not showing up when recalculating reorder points.
Fixed - Forecast now showing up for many users because default setting was for it to be hidden. By default it now shows.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.34/35
Added - Support for version of Shiprush
Added - Terms can be deleted from All Orders
Added - New shipping addresses added to customers will inherit the customer's tax information by default
Added - Email multiple addresses at once
Added - Owned, On Hand and Unavailable columns added to the Location Info screen
Added - Backing up no longer logs out users
Added - Rerecord transactions in the ledger to fix discrepancies due to transactions posting out of order
Added - Location field to Deficiency Details report
Added - Preference for controlling whether a customer's shipping address contact info gets pulled in from the billing contact info or not
Added - Vendor added to shipping reports
Fixed - Tabbing out of order on the customer/vendor/item screens
Fixed - Outlook warning messages about an application trying to access data
Fixed - Credit card #s being overwritten by Quickbooks sync
Fixed - Payment amount not taking exchange rates into account
Fixed - Can record a Work Order in QB while in disconnected mode even if it is not finished
Fixed - Error when editing ship date quantites on the PO screen
Fixed - Printing from Item Sales Tax screen
Fixed - Avail-SO qty on the Sales Order not updating after a change UOM performed
Fixed - Update help manual for new term types
Fixed - Undo payment button not showing on Sales Order
Fixed - Ship Docs with payments made could be rolled back while the payment remained unapplied in Quickbooks
Fixed - Slow down on Sales Orders and Ship Docs for customers with multiple shipping addresses
Fixed - Forecast not showing the menu
Fixed - View Related Transactions button on payment screen will never become disabled even if the transaction is read only


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.32/33
Added - Credit card processing supporting the following gateways: Authorize .Net, Payflow Pro and Quickbooks Merchant Services.
Added - Forecast screen for production and buy planning.
Added - Recalculate reorder points, max quantities and lead times based on past usage.
Added - Users whom can approve Purchase Orders can now have limits to the amounts they can approve assigned to them.
Added - A preference to fill in customer notes into the Memo field on a transaction after the customer is selected.
Added - A preference to specify that order by default will not allow back orders.
Added - Specify whether each customer is allowed to have back orders.
Added - Default discounts per customer
Added - On the count screen you can now scan just the lot/serial # to count an item.
Added - 5 custom fields for item ship dates on Sales Orders and Purchase Orders which are displayed as columns on the editor.
Added - Warning when making an item inactive if it has quantity.
Added - Users can be logged out individually now.
Added - Record Info for items.
Added - Class tracking for Work Orders and Receive Items sent to Quickbooks.
Added - Custom field entry screen made wider.
Added - Custom fields for locations.
Added - Manually closed Sales Orders in bulk from the Sales Order list.
Added - Specify whether a user can or cannot take and edit payments.
Added - Various fields to the Bill of Lading report.
Added - The ability to specify whther or not to sync on startup when logging in.
Added - Labels for bins.
Fixed - Error when trying to Finish All on a Work Order.
Fixed - Allow Back Order not allowing a Sales Order to be filled.
Fixed - Customer payment details not visible at times.
Fixed - Importing Sales Orders from Quickbooks when the last item was not shipped.
Fixed - Custom fields not going from Sales Order to Drop Ship Purchase Order.
Fixed - Errors saving/syncing employees.
Fixed - "Cannot edit record, record is read only" when trying to split Work Order.
Fixed - Error when trying to have more than one company open at a time.
Fixed - Bin list on location list now in alphabetic order.
Fixed - Users getting randomly logged out of the system.
Fixed - Sync error if an assembly is created in All Orders, which creates a Inventory Part in Quickbooks, and then the item in Quickbooks is changed to an assembly.
Fixed - Sales tax being applied to outgoing freight when the the item used is not taxable.
Fixed - Margins on Ship Doc P & L report.
Fixed - Price level item list columns can be resized for large name.
Fixed - Errors synching Sales Reps.
Fixed - Terms not importing on Sales Order import.
Fixed - Receive Items label reports printing all items regardless of whether or not they have lot/serial #s.
Fixed - Inventory Valuation report, amount not matching up to Quickbooks properly.
Fixed - Marking a Ship Doc as shipped and going into negative inventory even when allowed causes an error.
Fixed - Some Ship Doc form reports doubling line item quantites when shipping from multiple bins per line.
Fixed - Work Orders marked as NC Only going into the Sync Queue
Fixed - Running the Reorder Analysis from a Work Order the location filter does not work.
Fixed - There is an invalid reference to Quickbooks OaymentMethod "" in the ReceivePayment.
Fixed - Currencies not coming over from Quickbooks 2010+
Fixed - Changing a ship date on a Sales Order which is linked to a Work Order broke the link.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.31
Fixed - The Drill Down on the Work Order has been streamlined and has imporved performance.
Added - On the batch shipper if Allow Neg. Inventory is turned on you can choose to ignore it and only use allocated quantities for that specific batch.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.30
Fixed - Cost showing on BOM editor and Reorder Analysis even if viewing costs is turned off for the user.
Fixed - Large lists of bins causing the Item editor to open slowly.
Fixed - When negative inventory is on, unable to ship some line items.
Fixed - Shipping amounts not loading properly when shipping method is selected.
Fixed - Item Info not showing quantity by location.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.28/6.1.29
Added - New companies can now be created without linking to Quickbooks.
Fixed - Focus issue when entering lot or serial # on ship doc and receiver.
Fixed - Could not use the first item in a style as a proxy.
Fixed - Ledger issues related to Transfers and Bin Transfers.
Added - Step description added to Work Order report.
Added - Preference to use the last price sold to a customer when adding an item to an order.
Fixed - Receiving log missing default filter to exclude Vendor Returns.
Fixed - Receiving log entires with multiple bins duplicated entries.
Added - Allocate by Bin now employs FIFO to the units auto allocated.
Fixed - Location list will now be filtered based on rep or customer assigned to the logged in user (applies to consignment locations).
Fixed - The ability to duplicate a closed PO.
Fixed - On Order on Item Info now shows ship date per item, not header date.
Fixed - Memo on PO now copied to the receiving document.
Fixed - Run Analysis now takes into account user rights properly.
Fixed - Imports SO/PO from Quickbooks with the last line cleared causes an error.
Fixed - Clicking Get Available on the Bins screen may cause a 'cannot exceed ordered quantity' error which forces you to x out to get it to be added to the available bins.
Fixed - POs print blank if po is not approved without giving any messages.
Fixed - Customer Item Price and Rounding Issue ($0.10, round up to $0.01).
Fixed - Flatten Selected when in the Work Orders List does not work in some cases.
Fixed - Error adding a kit item when 'kit price must be item price' preference is checked.
Fixed - Modifying an order which created a deposit in QB will duplicate the deposit.
Fixed - Users cannot enter an order if they have 'cannot change customer default' checked.
Fixed - When editing a new account or class when not connected to QB it creates a new one.
Fixed - Estimate import from QB bringing cost instead of quoted price on QB estimate.
Fixed - QB Customer custom fields do not get updated when Customer and SD have the same mapped field.
Added - Larger space for linked file.
Added - Net Amount on PO and SO Reports.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.27
Added - Preference for item's next sequence # to use the most recently created item.
Fixed - Sending an invoice to Quickbooks with a discount that was a subitem generated an error.
Fixed - ItemInventory.FullName Group By error when reconciling.
Fixed - On Order details list on item info screen not takign into account purchasing conversion rates.
Added - Item Group Name to the Ship Doc Log and Receiving Log reports.
Fixed - Purchase Orders can no longer be printed if approval is turned on the purcahse order is not approved.
Fixed - Timing Quantites on reconciliation report not taking into account allocated components on Work Orders which were not finished.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.26
Fixed - When saving value adjustments multiple times without closing values would double.
Fixed - Error when saving a Work Order with dependencies if the due date and order date were different after the linked Work Order was modified.
Added - Option to copy Work Order custom fields to the custom fields of a Linked Work Order.
Added - Option to mask credit card number or not.
Added - Customer custom fields to the Sales Order and Ship Doc Log reports.
Added - Now supporting ShipRush version 8.
Added - Vendor Email Address to the Receiving Log.
Fixed - Quickbooks parsing error when reconciling to Quickbooks.
Added - Preference so users who cannot edit prices on transactions can edit shipping charges.
Added - Email address of customer's billing or shipping address can be auto filled into ShipRush for notifications.
Added - New column in Sales Order called Avail-On SO.
Added - New columns on Item List, On SO, On Quote, On PO and Avail-On SO.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.24/25
Added - Unlimited users can now be added to the user list. Only users equal to the number of licenses can be logged into the system at the same time.
Fixed - Error when trying to edit a lot/serial # on the item info screen if do not allow duplicate lot #s is turned on.
Fixed - Error – Type mismatch on the receiver when adding PO items.
Fixed - Finish All on the work order overwrites manually entered picked/allocated quantities.
Fixed - Sales Order requires partial payment for partial cash/ar term types.
Added - Available minus what is on open Sales Orders on the item list and Sales Order
Fixed - If sending both tracking #s and Sales Order #s to QB on the invoice, only the tracking # would go over.
Fixed - Additional custom fields added to many of the excel imports.
Fixed - Context menu errors when editing an item's kit.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.22/23
Fixed - Syncing with Quickbooks when multi currency is not enabled causes the sync to hang
Fixed - Error when saving duplicate lot #s


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.21
Fixed - Sales Orders/Purchase Order not closing properly or reopening after being manually closed
Fixed - Error when trying to modify the toolbar
Fixed - Sales tax calculated on Ship Doc freight amount when underlying item is non-taxable and customer has a default ship method.


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.18/19/20
Added - Company preference to specify if Sales Tax should round up or down
Fixed - Non-US versions of Quickbooks 2011 - Currencies not syncing
Fixed - Finishing a Work Order updates the Avg Cost of the finished good based on the components standard costs instead of the components Avg Costs
Added - Company preference for not auto filling quantities when returning a Ship Doc
Added - Company preference for inclduing multiple tracking #s from ShipRush in the Ship Doc's memo field.
Fixed - "Error converting data type nvarchar to bit" when trying to save an Assembly
Fixed - Some Canadian users locked out due to regional Canadian date settings
Added - Clear Users function improved, users no longer required to log out BEFORE clearing sessions
Fixed - Users with access to Sales Orders/Shipping but without access to edit customer defaults on transactions could not ship orders where another user has updated the order's default ship method


Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.17
Added - Solidworks Integration.
Added - BOM Components can be entered as percentages of the finished good instead of a quantitiy that is used. An additional UOM/Conversion rate hass been added named Produced As to convert the percentages to quantites when creating the finished good.
Fixed - When attempting to finish Work Orders from the Work Order List if the Work Order was not able to be finished but quantity was allocated a message will notify you.
Fixed - Error message "Doc number already in use" when attempting to Finish All on a Work Order.
Fixed - Unbalanced ledger entries for Location Transfer performed on quantities with dependencies.
Fixed - Error message "The key is already associated with an element of this collection" when trying to open a kit or add one to a Sales Order.
Fixed - Updating a due date or memo on a Work Order and then saving without moving the cursor would not save the new due date or memo.
Fixed - When syncing open transactions and reconciling at the same time unecessary adjustments were created by the reconciliation.
Added - A preference to auto assign the weight to packages in ShipRush.
Fixed - Sales Order lines that have been manually cleared reopen after the rest of the order ships.
Added - Sales Order Line Item custom fields have been added to many Sales Order reports.
Fixed - A user with access to Sales Order and not Shipping could not convert a Quote to a Sales Order.
Fixed - Fractional quantites entered for an item's Min. Order or Order Inc. did not save properly.
Fixed - On the Item Info screen when removing the filter for a Lot/Serial sub grid under the status tab hte previously filtered Lot/Serial #s would not appear.
Added - To the item import: Item Class, Configurable BOMs, and Kit Rules.
Fixed - Errors writing log files in Windows 7.
Fixed - When creating a Disassembly many Many Work Order features looked as if they were enabled.
Added - Kit rules list boxes are now multi select capable.
Fixed - Tax codes with Quickbooks Canada not synchronizing properly.
Fixed - When using the Add SO function on the Ship Doc custom fields were not being transfered properly.
Fixed - Add Costs on a Value Adjustment by quantity generated an error.
Fixed - 'Replace Component' feature does not keep the correct order.

Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.15/16
Fixed - Reorder Analysis shows all quantities as zero
Fixed - Item List shows all quantities as zero
Fixed - Error when finishing a Work Order to Auto Allocate to a Ship Doc
Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.14
Fixed - ShipRush address mapping
Added - Item price level import
Fixed - Error 5 when making serialized (Non US Versions only)
Fixed - Incorrect syntax near'XXXX' when loading VERY large sales orders.
Fixed - location not being set using sales order import
Fixed - Seurity setting (view cost and view prices) implemented on reports
Fixed - ShipAddr4 added to printed sales reports and documents
Fixed - 64 Bit installation issues
Fixed - Date issue for users in New Zealand
Fixed - Changing item type within QuickBooks did not update the inventory ledger in All Orders
Fixed - Arithmetic overflow error when finalizing a work order or count.
Fixed - Item quanity does not update when a line is deleted from a ship doc.
Fixed - Parsing error when invoicing and using an old version of QuickBooks.
Fixed - Error when clicking 'Add PO' and one of the items have a TAB charater in the description
Fixed - Sales description on valuation report
Fixed - QuickBooks tax rounding differently than All Orders
Fixed - Standard cost is not showing correctly on sales orders when using a configurable BOM.
Fixed - Splitting work orders when the components have lot/serial # does not proportion correctly.
Fixed - Read Only permission on Profile lists crashes All Orders
Fixed - Error when running Reorder Analysis from Item List
Fixed - Work Order list shows the customer and sales order number when generated from the drill down.
Fixed - Error when printing manufacturer's rep order.
Fixed - When you press Enter instead of TAB on the sales order price per it does not update the extended price.
Fixed - Quantity adjustment list shows incorrect Created By
Fixed - Clicking Next on the Item Editor does not update the 'Sold As' UOM
Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.13
added - accounts lists on payment form includes 'Undeposited Funds'
fixed - payment form on ship dos not resizing when there is a linked sales order
fixed - method of ~of object~ failed error when user which is restricted to a certain location attempts an inventory adjustment
Added - Sync Queue Manager. A new form that allows you to delete an entry in the sync queue so that you can correct the issue and retry. The new form can be opened by clicking Company --> Synchronize QuickBooks
fixed - potential for duplicating transactions in QuickBooks when transaction is undone withing All Orders but never deleted from QuickBooks.
Added - invoice preferred send method per customer which could be set by QB, print, email, both or none.
added - preference for lot/serial custom fields to be appended to the invoice in QB
added - preference not to set the default printer when printing a report
fixed - price rounding issues on sales order when margin percentage is more than 4 decimal points.
Fixed - Finish All does will not set 'Produced' if the Produced is not equal to 0
Fixed - Get available on Transfer does will now not include committed stock.
Fixed - Tax rate not getting set when creating a new customer
Fixed - Cannot import kits through Excel
Fixed - Bins not displaying on Receiving Log
Fixed - XML Parsing error when adding an item assembly with 'Sync Manufacturers Part No' checked
Fixed - Error when adding costs and receiver has 0 quantity
Added - Ability to view and edit billing and shipping on sales order
Added - Integration with ShipRush
Fixed - Error 91 when opening Item Info and the item has not transactions
Fixed - Change UOM does not update the available qty
Fixed - Scanning into a work order will not go to the first step after a scan.
Fixed - Price Level syncing with QuickBooks
Fixed - Reset settings program
Added - Inventory Aging Report (shows the # of days inventory is in a particular location)
Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.12
fixed - error when deleting a work order (affected 6.1.8)
fixed - taxes in default shipping location may not have loaded (affected 6.1.7 & 6.1.8)
fixed - cost per on the on order tab of the dividing by total units ordered instead of back order
fixed - duplicate serial/lot # error on Receiver when changing a bin AND 'deny more than ordered' is checked in preferences
fixed - syntax error when creating linked POs from a very large sales order.
fixed - syntax error when saving a work order with no components listed on the step.
fixed - sales description field on item enlarged
fixed - ability to view the item details of a work order or ship doc after its closed.
Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.8
added - Payments received on sales orders will now be automatically applied to the invoice when the ship doc is Invoiced. This requires QB 2008 or later.
Fixed - when you add SO to ship doc then click Get Available for serial #s you get error 'Object Variable or With Block Variable not set '
fixed - Serial No custom fields get lost upon creating a transfer
fixed - When using Windows Terminal Server, user cannot log back in requiring 'Clear Users'. We are now saving the Config.xml file in the user's Application Data folder instead of the 'all users' Application Data folder. You will have to select to 'Open an existing company file' and re-associate your QuickBooks file when opening All Orders for the first time after installing version 6.1.8.
fixed - The cost of Job items not showing on Ship Doc P & L
fixed - default FOB does not auto-fill on quote and sales order
fixed - synchronize currency list for QB 2010
fixed - default vendor showing on ship doc print-out
fixed - error when deleting a shipping address
fixed - error when deleting a line item on a ship doc that contains lots or serial #s
fixed - memo not saved on count screen
added - address displayed on sales order
added - payment date and payment account on payment screen
Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.7
fixed - Either BOR or EOF is true, or the current record has been deleted, when saving a receiver that only has non-invenotry, service and other charges.
added - Default Class per customer
added - Sales Order filter on Run Analysis which can aggregate the components required from all dependent work orders
added - Revision # on quote
added - Get Next Serial # from customer return
Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.6
fixed - error 6 overflow when filtering the lot serial # on the ledger report.
fixed - Splitting work order causes error - At least one of the components must have quantity allocated or used before you can change status
fixed - Inconsistent Save Drop Down Menu on Ship docs.
fixed - error when adding item with sub-items - Only items with same group can be set as parent
fixed - Inventory count - reload qty does not clear count
fixed - Bom Desc and Purchase Desc the same
fixed - Total Amount , shipping, discount and taxes added to sales order reports.
fixed - Drill Down from Work Order list to ask about preferred location
fixed - Cost from PO should be part of dependency if created directly from the work order.
added - Ability to add multiple sales orders to one ship doc (Add SO button on the ship doc)
fixed - error when creating a style with 4 attributes
Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.1.4
fixed - Invalid procedure call or argument when printing count work sheet or count sheet from the Count List.
fixed - When linking multiple drawings the first one always opens.
added - Customer consignment functionality
added - Employee list.
added - Work order time entry functionality
added - Integration of reports with All Orders Web.
fixed - credit check's open amount included amounts on quotes
fixed - components using UOM of finished good on work order if no used as UOM specified
fixed - Only users with delete transaction rights can Undo from QuickBooks
added - preference for default location on sales order.
fixed - sales tax calculation on freight
fixed - splitting a work order when the finished goods or components have lot or serial numbers
fixed - switching groups does not show proxy drop-down
added - sales tax codes by ship-to address
fixed - reorder analysis shows wrong quantity when purchase as UOM is used
fixed - condense data
fixed - create new customer (non-US version) when tax code not selected
added - On Hand, Allocated, Committed, In Transit in Item Info.
added - option to create work orders based on deficiency on Drill Down.
added - default description on bill of materials screen
fixed - work order components with status 'in production' are now included in In Production quantity on Item Info
added - integration with Ship Rush Professional - separate product
fixed - alpha sort on sales order
Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.0.12
fixed - 'object variable or with block variable not set' when trying to Fill a sales order that has back order on the first line and allow negative inventory is OFF.
fixed - Charges on Receive Items not converting to foreign exchange when re-opened.
fixed - Customer notes showing paragraph symbols.
fixed - Purchase Order - Item Ship Dates not in foreign currency.
fixed - Vendor Ref # on value adjustment not recorded in QuickBooks
added - ability to print indented BOM reports from the Item List.
fixed - Sales tax rate being saved as 1/100th decimal.
added - ability to reorder items on sales order alphabetically.
fixed - error message when condensing data
added - preference to record work order in All Orders ledger when recorded in QuickBooks.
added - vendor account number on Purchase Order - Item Ship Dates
fixed - Method ~ of Object ~ failed when changing status on a work order
fixed - error 'object required' when deleting item on value adjustment
fixed - 'quantity greater than ordered' error message when trying to change the serial # on a ship doc.
fixed - price per on Item Info shows the quantity decimal preference instead of price decimal preference
added - ability to add kit selections to variable or yes/no components at order time
fixed - increased the size of kit item and kit wizard windows.
fixed - Item not found in collecting when posting/creating a value adjustment from a receiver.
added - preference to make the ship doc date (and QuickBooks invoice date) the date it was marked as shipped instead of the date created.
Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.0.11
fixed - Creating a customer generates error - Error -2147220955: The given object ID "" in the field "list id" is invalid. (Non-US versions only)
added - ability to assign default classes for items to auto-populate line item classes on ship doc.
fixed - item description for transactions expanded to 4000 characters.
fixed - When logged in as any user other than Admin, you will not be able to view, create , or sell any style of an item.
fixed - QuickBooks error during reconciliation leaves open adjustment
fixed - Access denied error msxml4 on 64bit servers. Now using msxml6
fixed - User with no rights to see cost can still see them on the list
added - ability to use proxies on styles
fixed - caption on disassembly screen shows work order
fixed - lock up on sales tax code synchronization (non-US versions only)
fixed - customer pricing not affecting configurable BOMs
fixed - users that cannot delete records cannot Undo transactions in QuickBooks
fixed - sales tax codes
added - default location on work order can be set to sales orders ship from location
fixed - cannot edit attribute name
fixed - kit description going to incorrect line
fixed - SD Invoice template not showing correct extended price when there are lots or serial #s
fixed - batch shipping not filling lot / serial #s correctly.
fixed - error deleting styles that are not used
added - UOM for work order item
added - work order location on list
fixed - user was able to view edit work order not assigned to their location
added - support for 64 bit servers
added - support for SQL 2005
Known Issues fixed and new features added in 6.0.9
Fixed - Item tax issue when customer is non taxable
Added - ability to Exclude filters from a report
Added - ability to flatten from the work order list
Added - ability to drill down from the work order list
Added - Ability to change status on a work order to finished out of sequence
Added - ability to assign proxies to the style items
Fixed - Filling sales orders after drop shipping creates a new ship doc

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