Inventory Control with All Orders

Learn how to control inventory with All Orders using warehouses, bins and more.

Lots and Serial Numbers

Tracking Lot and Serial #s allows you to specifically track the movement of a particular item within your inventory.

Transfer Quantities Between Bins, Lots, and Serial Numbers

This video shows how to transfer inventory quantities between bins and lots and serial numbers on the Quantity Adjustment screen.

Performing an Inventory Count

Periodically you will need to count inventory and adjust quantities. In All Orders this is done with the count screen.

Creating a New Bin Move

When transferring your quantities from one bin to another, within the same location, you can use the New Bin Move feature. Located in the Warehouse menu, and New Bin Move, a small pop up screen will appear. Select your location, transfer date, then choose whether you will move one item at a time, or you will transfer all items and its quantities at once.

Creating Quantity Adjustments

Learn how to create a Quantity Adjustment in All Orders and what Accounts to use

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