Setting up Items in All Orders

Learn how to set up and configure your item in All Orders.

Units of Measure Conversions

If you stock, sell, buy, and use inventory, then you can create custom unit of measure conversions for each item.

Working with Barcodes

All Orders will work with any bar code scanner that acts as a keyboard emulator (which is most scanners), and print any barcode symbols directly on to labels and\or reports.

Understanding Item Types

Item Types will determine how your items are used in All Orders and QuickBooks. The Item Type is found in the Item Group, located under the menu Lists, Profile Lists, and Item Groups. The different types are: Assembly, Inventory Part, Job, Kit, Non-Inventory Part, Other Charge, and Service.

Setting up Part Numbers, Product Codes, or SKUs for Inventory Items ,

Assigning part numbers to your items requires some upfront planning. Numbering schemes are a matter of personal preference and they will differ widely from company to company. This video gives you examples of how to set up your Part Numbers, Product Codes or SKUs for Inventory Items.

Creating Item Groups

To create a new Item, first you must choose an Item Group from the Group drop-down list. The Item Groups can also be found on the menu Lists and Profile Lists. Groups are similar to categories and you can create as many as you desire.

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