O Canada - QuickBooks Inventory Software for Canadian Companies

Canadian companies, who are more export oriented than their U.S. brethren, have specific needs when it comes down to inventory and order management. NumberCruncher addresses those needs in its flagship product All Orders. How you may ask does a U.S. based company have so much knowledge of Canada. Well that is because its founder and president, Ian Benoliel, is from Canada. Born in Montreal, Ian grew up working in his father's manufacturing business. Ian's familiy moved to Toronto there he started his career as a Charted Accountant. Although he now lives in South Florida, his mother, brothers and sister live in Canada.

So when selecting an inventory software that is integrated with QuickBooks Canada, make sure you select one that have those features required by Canadian companies like those contained in All Orders by NumberCruncher.

Support for GST, HST and PST

U.S. and Canadian sales tax a coniderably different. U.S. taxes are generally exigible on the sales of goods whereas Canadian sales tax is exigible on both goods and services. The tax authority in the U.S. is on the state, county and city level and in Canada the tax authority on the federal and provincial levels. Finally, and most importantly, the U.S. system is not a value added tax therefore for taxes are whereas in Canada, companies received an input tax credit for taxes paid to suppliers and other vendors.

Foreign Currencies

Its rare that U.S. companies have anything but U.S. dollar bank accounts. In fact you would be hard pressed to find a bank that can offer a Canadian currency bank account. (By the way you may want to try Harris Bank which is a subsidiary of the Bank of Montreal). Conversely I would be hard pressed to find a Canadian manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor that does not have both Candian and U.S. dollar bank accounts. Canadian companies need foreign currency because they export to the U.S., Canada largest trading partner and when importing from Asia.

Multiple locations

Many Canadian, particularly manufacturers, have many customers in the U.S. as such they may have third party logistics holding inventory so lead times can be minimized.

Other features

All Orders by NumberCruncher contains an array of features designed for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors using QuickBooks like bills of materials, work orders, vendor management, reorder point forecasting, sales orders and shipping automation, lot and serial number tracking and barcode printing and scanning.