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Inventory Control Software and Advanced Order Management by NumberCruncher

In 2002 NumberCruncher was the first company to introduce a true QuickBooks inventory add-on for production and order management. Since then we have continued to improve and optimize our solutions.

Version 6.0 is the next step in the evolution of All Orders. Building on the already solid platform, we have made several functional enhancements, as well as some technical changes, resulting in improved performance of the application.

As always, All Orders remains tightly integrated with QuickBooks providing instant synchronization without importing or exporting, with the most user-friendly interface in the industry.

New Features in All Orders Version 6.0

The following is a summary of the changes we have made in version 6.0 and how they will benefit your business.


All Orders has a robust forecasting feature which helps you plan production, purchasing and inventory levels. You import your sales forecast for a specified number of months and All Orders will calculate your production needs, drill-down into your multi-level bills of material and calculate your purchasing needs. The forecast can also be used to monitor your inventory levels with visual indicators if you are going to be running short. Use the forecast module to run what-if scenarios like increases in sales order changes in lead times.

Reorder Points and Lead times

Having the right reorder point can reduce back order scenarios and inventory carrying costs. QUickBooks has reorder points but they are static. However with constantly changing product life cycles and seasonal trends, you need a more dynamic way to calculate and re-calculate reorder points. All Orders has the solution! It will use sales and usage history along with lead times to calculate reorder points. You don't know the lead times? No problem; All Orders will calculate lead times based on receiving history.

Credit Card Processing

On of the the most requested features was the ability to process credit cards at order entry or point of sales. All Orders already records the receipt of cash in QuickBooks, with version 6.0 we have added the ability to process cards. Supported gateways include PayPal and

New Features in All Orders Version 6.0

The following is a summary of the changes we have made in version 6.0 and how they will benefit your business.

Style Matrix

For businesses in the garment industry, you know how difficult it is to create and maintain your item list. Each new style may consist of multiple colors and sizes, which requires you to create and maintain an item for each potential combination. In All Orders Version 6 we have added a “style matrix”. The style matrix allows you to use a single screen to add, edit and manage multiple items having the same characteristics but slightly different attributes.

Kit Rules

All Orders introduced the ability to create kits and configurable bills of materials in Version 4. In All Orders 6, we are adding the ability to add rules to your kit components and selections. For example, suppose you have a kit option that depends on a previous option. If the customer picks option A, then they cannot pick Option Z, and so forth. With kit rules, you can design your kit and configurable bills of materials to prevent costly errors and shipping errors.

Request for Quote

All Orders already allows you to maintain multiple vendors per item and create purchases. However, many businesses first need a quote from the vendor before the purchase order is created. All Orders 6 allows you to create request for quotes ("RFQ") for multiple vendors from a quote or sales order as well as manage their selection.

Adding Costs to Inventory

For importers, one of the most difficult tasks is to track the REAL landed cost of inventory. That is because bills are owed for freight and duty. All Orders 6 solves this problem by enabling you to quickly attribute costs to items received and create the payable in QuickBooks at the same time. Additional costs can be allocated by amount, quantity, weight and volume.


All Orders 6 works with the B2B Gateway connector (product sold separately) to import EDI purchase orders and export advanced shipping notices.

Vendor addresses

We have added the ability to add an unlimited number of billing addresses per vendor.

More custom fields

We have added more item, shipping address, vendor address, sales order and purchase order custom fields.

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